The unpublished video of Lolita Cortés singing at the age of 11

Dolores Vanessa Cortés Jiménez, better known as Lolita Cortés, was born on October 23, 1970; she is currently 51 years old. (Instagram photo: @laacademiatv)

Since Lolita Cortés returned to The academy -a space that he shares with Horacio Villalobos, Arturo Lopez Gavito and Ana Bárbara- has been involved in controversy for her forceful criticism of the students’ presentations, their strong views on teacher performance and their views regarding song selection. Because of that, She constantly receives negative criticism on her social networks, however, few value that behind her controversial comments a long career supports her.

As proof of this, the renowned musical actress surprised her followers of Instagram with a very special video that he took from TikTok. The audiovisual material belongs to a broadcast today morning show that hit the small screen during the 1970s under the leadership of Lourdes Guerrero and Guillermo Ochoa- where she went as a guest when she was only 11 years old.

Since then, Dolores Cortés was already giving his first steps in the national artistic environment. The audiovisual material that he recently posted on his profile drew attention not only because showed what she looked like when she was a childalso because during his brief stay in the program of Televisa surprised locals and strangers with his interpretation of To flourish by Francis Curiel.

As expected, the video went viral on social networks as it is a clear example of the unmatched talent he has had since childhood. But that’s not all, during her musical number in today also you can appreciate the size that has characterized it for more than 40 years of experience.

“My 11-year-old self on the show today with Lourdes Guerrero”, he wrote.

The iron judge received hundreds of applause, compliments, compliments and messages of affection in the comments section of his publication. Among the reactions, the presence of Tatiana, Pedro Prieto, Roger González, Agustín Arguello and Fastlicht stood out, who recognized the incomparable talent that he inherited from the immortal José Alfredo Jiménez.

Another curious fact about Lolita Cortés is that she debuted in melodramas alongside Chayanne in "poor youth". (Twitter capture: @abrvms)
Another curious fact about Lolita Cortés is that she debuted in melodramas with Chayanne in “Pobre Juventud”. (Twitter capture: @abrvms)

“How cute Lola.” “I love you so much my Lolita”. “I’m dying of tenderness and love!! #LolaQueen let’s never let the inner child die. What beautiful memories and how beautiful and talented forever.” “Shining a lot since I was a child.” “OK But, have you seen that she has had that incredible size since she was a child?”. “With that enormous talent, if I were an academic, I would gladly receive criticism and scolding from the great Lolita Cortés”, they wrote.

(Photo: Facebook/José Alfredo Jiménez)
(Photo: Facebook/José Alfredo Jiménez)

Many know that Lolita Cortés is not the only member of her family who has ventured into the national art scene, her sister Laura did as well, who came to work as a singing teacher in The academy. But they are not the only ones, because many years ago his uncle conquered the Mexican public and became a strong reference for the Mexican regional at the international level.

Is about José Alfredo Jiménez, beloved Mexican singer-songwriter remembered for songs like Caminos de Guanajuato, In the last Drink, The enormous distance and I let go of the reins -to mention some of his successes-.

went after Nadia’s special appearance in The Academy 20 years where Lolita Cortés remembered her great-uncle with great affection.

“The growth you have had, your vocal level is impressive, but dignifying Mexican music is wonderful. Tonight my mother has presented herself in different ways. This was a medley of Don José Alfredo Jiménez, who was my great-uncle, and my mother and I sang If they let us together, we sang with mariachi”she remarked remarkably excited.


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The unpublished video of Lolita Cortés singing at the age of 11