The terrible moment in which the renowned singer was slapped in the middle of a concert

The singer had a scratch inside her eye. AvaMaxwho is on his world tour On Tour (Finally) was assaulted by a fan while giving her show in Los Angeles.

While the artist was singing her hit “The Motto”, a young American interrupted the 29-year-old artist with a loud slapped.

Despite the fact that the security of the event tried to stop him, in the videos that went viral on social networks, everything happened so quickly, when the man extended his arm and hit her in the face.

Despite the heavy blow, Ava Max continued to dance and said goodbye to the crowd before leaving the stage.

His message on Twitter:

Hours after the altercation, the artist wrote on Twitter to detail the injury she suffered and confirm that her attacker will never be able to enter her shows.

“He slapped me so hard that he scratched the inside of my eye. He will never come to a show again. Thank you fans for being spectacular tonight in Los Angeles!”

— AvaMax

The Kings & Queens singer’s manager also shared a photo where Ava is seen placing a beer bottle in her left eye to ease the pain from the blow she received on stage.

An attendee to the show recounted what happened on Twitter: “The guy came on stage at the end, right after the last song finished,” the fan said. “The security guard knocked him down and literally threw him down the stairs. What madness! It happened so fast.” wrote.

Another user also recounted that the singer could not open her eyes, since he was very close to the stage and saw the whole scene.

As reported by TMZ, the man who slapped Max he was not arrested.

Bebe Rexha was also assaulted at her concert:

Pop star Bebe Rexha was assaulted two days ago by a concertgoer. The subject threw a phone at the singer during her show in New York. The thrown object broke his eyebrow and required stitches.

The next day, the artist wrote on her Instagram account, showing her black eye with a suture, but said that she is fine.

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The terrible moment in which the renowned singer was slapped in the middle of a concert