The Teatro Colón pays tribute to “Artaud” by Luis Alberto Spinetta with a live streaming broadcast | 50th anniversary of the great rock album

50 years after the launch of Artaudthe album of Luis Alberto Spinettahe Colon Theater will transmit by streaming “Tomorrow is better”, a concert that pays tribute to the artist’s masterpiece this Monday May 22 at 10:30 p.m.. The function can be enjoyed live through the theater’s website and its official Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts.

The musical direction of the concert, which pays tribute to half a century of a masterpiece of national rock, will be in the hands of the pianist Adrian Iaies with the participation of Deborah Dixon, Sol Liebeskind, Emilio del Guercio and santiago arias.

Artaudlaunched in 1973constituted the second solo album by Luis Alberto Spinettafor which he added the contributions of his brother Gustavo, Rodolfo García and Emilio del Guercio, and appeared as the third plate of his stage in Rabid fish. In his record are counted the songs “All the leaves are from the wind”, “Club Cemetery”, “By”, “Trickery”, “true thirst”, “Cantata debridged yellow”, “come down”, “To Starosta, the idiot” and “the gossip of the world”, almost all of them vital in the work of “Flaco”.

“Artaud” is the second solo album by Spinetta, published in 1973, although it was also cataloged as the third album by his band Pescado Rabioso.

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Tribute to “Artaud” by Luis Alberto Spinetta at the Teatro Colón

Iaies assured the Télam agency that worked for seven months on that emblematic repertoirein a search for “get out of the trap of redundancy and literalness to be able to say something personal”, and pointed out that he wanted to trust that what he says “also speaks of the record and its creator”.

“For me Artaud It’s like Spinetta’s Monday newspaper because showed the path of his genius, is the seed. All the Spinettean aesthetics that one later knew more developed, arises from there, both poetics at times surreal, at times impressionistic, the use of words, the type of harmonization of the songs, the type of chord sequencesthat type of melodies”, he pointed out.

The pianist Adrián Iaies will be in charge of the musical direction of the concert “Tomorrow is better”. (Photo: Telam)

The celebration of the half century of one of the emblematic records of Spinetta and Argentine rock, was an initiative of the maximum national coliseumwhich for this purpose summoned the author, pianist, producer and arranger born 62 years ago in Buenos Aires and a prominent name in jazz.

For the evocation to ArtaudIaies put together a wind quartet (Juampi Di Leone on flute, Lis Rigoni on oboe and English horn, Emiliano Alvarez on clarinet in B flat and bass clarinet and Julieta Di Fede on bassoon) and another of strings (Guillermo Rubino on first violin, Natalia Cabello on second violin, Elizabeth Ridolfi on viola and Paula Pomeraniec on cello).

On that octet he added the guitars by Rodrigo Agudelo, the double bass and electric bass by Santiago Lamisovski, the drums and percussion Carto Brandan and the voices by Deborah Dixon and Sol Liebeskind, all under the orchestral direction of Ezequiel Fautario and with two special guests: Emilio del Güercio (voice) and Santiago Arias (bandoneon and voice) in a staff that dispenses with the piano.

“It never occurred to me to play any song on the piano because I think that Artaud it’s a guitar record and there is something in the lightness, not in the sense of lightness as superficial but of the ethereal that is in the rhythmic section when there is guitar and there is no piano and it seemed to me that we had to take care of that”, the musician based on the instrumentation of these versions.

In any case, he pointed out: “I did like the idea that the piano appears at certain moments between the songs on the album where I am going to play some other things by Spinetta, short fragments that I prefer to remain as a surprise”.

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The Teatro Colón pays tribute to “Artaud” by Luis Alberto Spinetta with a live streaming broadcast | 50th anniversary of the great rock album