The surprise that Carlos Vives gave Sebastián Yatra in one of his concerts

Currently Sebastian Yatra He is focused on his ‘Dharma Tour’ and, during June and so far in July, the paisa singer has played his music in several cities in Spain.

In one of his many shows, the Colombian artist performed ‘Robarte un beso’, a song on which he worked together with Carlos Vives and which was released in mid-2017. In the concerts of his tour, Yatra has performed the song individually, however, recently Carlos Vives came unexpectedly to visit nothing more and nothing less than the stage itself.

In this way, last Monday, July 18, the samarium singer published a video from his social networks in which you can see a fragment of what was his surprise appearance before his colleague and compatriot. Then, in the run of the images, Sebastián Yatra is seen singing the song when Carlos Vives appears behind him, noticing his presence, the astonishment and joy of the paisa interpreter are evident.

Subsequently, both continue with their musical presentation and in the end they are all manifestations of affection between the two, as they embrace each other on several occasions. This musical meeting that Colombians had in Spain took place in Cádiz.

The surprise that Carlos Vives gave Sebastián Yatra in one of his concerts

After Spain, Sebastián Yatra will continue to travel the world with his music, landing in Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, the United States, Canada, among other countries. Of course, the paisa did not leave his homeland out of his ‘Dharma Tour’, since he will develop musical presentations in Bogotá and Medellín at the end of October. For the rest, the singer’s tour has occupied his agenda for the rest of the year.

Carlos Vives, meanwhile, is on tour in Europe and recently passed through Spain. In addition, he will visit Italy, France and other places.

To begin with, Tuesday, July 19 was the date selected on the calendar for Vives to premiere the song and lyrics video of ‘homeland’ Clemente Mérida also contributes musically to the song, in addition to Cholo Valderrama.

As for Sebastián Yatra, the singer is about to launch a collaboration, in his case, with the Spanish Pablo Alborán. ‘Contigo’ will be available from July 21.

“I never said” don’t go “, I should have said it … everyone’s story at some point, about those loves that we lose track of, that story that stops writing, but doesn’t stop feeling “, were the words that Yatra published on Instagram about his topic with Alborán.

Each artist has their own way of developing their show when they are in concert, some are more sparing and prefer to focus on playing song after song without much interaction, others like to talk to their audience and lend the microphone to one or another fan so they can sing. There is no shortage of artists who take advantage of their show to give their followers advice on topics such as love or empowerment, and there are stars like Sebastian Yatra, who choose to kiss their fans.

The Colombian singer published a video on his TikTok account that recorded the moment when he quickly got off his stage towards a fan to give her a beak in the mouth. Above the images is the following text: “I stole a kiss from a fan at the concert last night.” Which at the time was in Barcelona.

Sebastián Yatra’s fan reaction after the singer kissed him in the middle of a show


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The surprise that Carlos Vives gave Sebastián Yatra in one of his concerts