The Strokes: The evolution of Julian Casablancas in photos from 2001 to 2021

Few have been the groups that have marked both a generation and The Strokes. They were formed around 1998 in the heart of Manhattan, New York, even when some of its members were studying at school. Already established as a quintet, the ensemble rehearsed and performed tirelessly in the Big Apple for two years in a row. Many of his contemporaries attribute his meteoric popularity so much to the effort and dedication that they put into the project; as well as the magnetic personalities of its members. And if we talk about overwhelming personalities, no one better than Julian Casablancas to test the theory.

Julian Fernando Casablancas born in New York on August 23, 1978. He is the son of John Casablancas, Hispanic and founder of Elite Model Management and of Jeanette Christiansen, model and Miss Dinamarca 1965. Maybe that’s where his undeniable sense of fashion comes from, in addition to his seductive personality.


When The Strokes put his first study material on sale, ‘Is This It‘ (2001), Casablancas He was just 23 years old and had an ultra-prolific career ahead of him. His style during that era revolved around casual and effortless freshness. Distressed T-shirts and jeans formed the basis of her look, and outerwear and accessories added enough interest to keep the look.

Unlike other colleagues (like Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys); Casablancas he has stayed true to his style for most of his career, adding or modifying minimal aspects. Leather motorcycle jackets; tennis (Converse) and booties; skinny jeans; vintage t-shirts, denim jackets; Flashy belts, sunglasses and disheveled locks of hair are part of its authenticity stamp, something that even the same time seems to be able to modify.

‘The New Abnormal’ (2020) is the latest album material from The Strokes, and at the moment there is no reliable information on a new, unprecedented effort by the group. We will probably see them on an upcoming international tour to settle the accounts with the pandemic of the Coronavirus, where Julian Casablancas’ class will shine again. Below we review its evolution from 2001 to date.


Era ‘Is This It’ (2001)

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Era ‘Room On Fire’ (2003)

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Era ‘First Impressions of Earth’ (2006)

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julian casablancas 2009

Era ‘Angels’ (2011)

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Era ‘Comedown Machine’ (2013)

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julian casablancas primavera sound 2015
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2017- 2019

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Era ‘The New Abnormal’ (2020) and present

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The Strokes Julian Casablancas
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The Strokes: The evolution of Julian Casablancas in photos from 2001 to 2021