June 10, 2021

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The street band festival returns to Amorebieta without competition and indoors

The street band festival returns to Amorebieta without competition and

Street music will play again this month in Amorebieta-Etxano. The City Council recovers the prestigious festival of international bands, but adapted to anticovid measures. After last year’s digital edition, this time it will bring together half a dozen groups, between the 24th and 27th. “The uncertainty generated by the pandemic has meant that we will not hold the contest. There will be a vote, but it will be symbolic to maintain the spirit of the event “, explains David Murillo, culture technician at the Consistory.

Since 2006 the contest has brought together bands from almost every corner of the planet such as China, Argentina, Africa or the United States each year. But the health crisis has conditioned the last two editions. “The gangs could not participate in equal conditions due to the restrictions that each country has, so we have selected groups that are closer and that had already signed up on other occasions,” says Murillo. That is why half are national, two French and one Portuguese.

Haizetara will be held the last weekend of this month with an indoor format and in double sessions so that “both bands and attendees can enjoy the best street music in a pleasant and safe way,” say festival officials. The performances will take place in the Zornotza Aretoa, in the Amorebieta IV fronton and in the Zelaieta concert hall. This last scenario will serve to recover the jam sessions that are usually held.

Among the six invited bands, the Catalan group Satisfacshow stands out, which will offer on the 25th at the Zornotza Aretoa a show with music, gestural theater and humor. It is a fanfare composed of five musicians of the Balkan gypsy style that travels all over the world. That same day the French band Radio Kaizman will perform on the fronton. Guided by her two voices, she will put the viewer in an unknown trance through ultra-hot riffs, hypnotic drums, energetic cuts and flow.

Classical, rock and jazz music

This edition also highlights the show that overflows the wind, percussion, joy, energy and passion of Balkan Paradise, winner in 2017. Eleven women will arrive from Catalonia on the 26th to turn this genre into a true elixir of traditional melodies with rhythms from around the world. That same day, the guild’s Astistas Aragonese charanga will show its sympathetic style based on the hangover of the day after. The humor and interaction have made it one of the most popular and unique at the state level.

One Sunday, the 27th, it will be Brass Corpr’s turn. Eight young Portuguese, most of them have studied classical music, will perform rock pieces, a genre that they are passionate about, by Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queens of the Stone Age or Franz Ferdinand. They have released an album and, despite being a street group, they will present their proposal for the stage.

The French Wonder brass band will also attend the event. Its members, with trajectories as different as they are unusual, meet with pleasant funk accents, to create an eclectic and Latin jazz repertoire.

But there will also be a place for jazz. His story to the rhythm of the clarinet will open the festival with the zornotzarra saxophonist Jou González, Alberto Madrid and Mikel Núñez and Iñaki Jaio from Durango. The next day it will be Botxo Boogies’ turn, with Edu Basterra and Carlos Velasco along with Jou and Jaio. On Saturday, Jou’s sax will play again along with Rubén Salvador’s trumpet, Marcos Salcines’s piano, Ander García’s double bass and Carlos Segi’s drums in Sagi Quintet.