The story of ‘Back, back’: Vicente Fernández wanted to be fired with her

Vicente Fernández had hundreds of songs in his repertoire, but without a doubt one of the most famous is his interpretation of “Volver, Volver”.

Now what “El Charro de Huentitán” has passed away, millions of people will sing this melody in memory of the singer. Sure you know his verses, but do you know the story behind this song?

Vicente Fernández and the song he asked for his funeral

Not that Chente thought about his death, but on some occasion he himself said that people would bury him and fire him with this song that he made famous internationally.

The comment did during a presentation with his son Alejandro Fernández. And although at that time he said that he hoped that death would come many years, he commented:

“This bit of song for me is very special. I think the day they are burying me the whole world is going to sing it, on television or wherever they are“, While interrupting the interpretation of the melody to invite everyone to sing at the top of their lungs.

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The story behind “Volver, Volver”, the famous song by Vicente Fernández

Although half the world knows Chente’s version, in reality this song was composed by the Mexican Fernando Z. Maldonado and before it was performed by other artists.

Although he made other ranchero-style classics, the composer also excelled at creating boleros. One of the most famous is that of Payaso, played by Javier Solís. (Be careful, do not confuse it with the one that José José sang)

The version of “Back, back” was released in 1972 when it was included on the album Up Huentitán! and it was one of the songs that quickly became one of his hymns.

Through the years, this song about the loss of love and pain was also sung by characters such as Chavela Vargas, Luis Miguel, Rocío Jurado, Raphael, Lucero, Camilo Sesto, Ana Gabriel, among others.

However, the author of this song had a tragic fate, as he was assassinated in March 1996 along with his wife Eglantina Covarrubias. According to several reports of the timeIt was all the result of an assault on his home in Cuernavaca.

Maldonado was 70 years old and in addition to collaborating with Vicente Fernádez, he managed to get artists such as Javier Solís, Enrique Guzmán or the Los Panchos trio to give voice to his compositions.


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The story of ‘Back, back’: Vicente Fernández wanted to be fired with her