The songs that the Rolling Stones should play in Madrid

The Efe Eme team proposes a list of songs that cannot be missed at a Stones concert.


Make way. On June 1, their Satanic Majesties land in Madrid. A historic event, massive and acclaimed by the public, which takes the form of an event not only musical, but also cultural and social, at a time when meetings of this caliber could seem impossible to revive.

The Wanda Metropolitano stadium has been the place chosen for the face-to-face meeting of the Stones with their innumerable battalion of parishioners, and that day, and that concert, will be the starting signal for the European tour with which they are going to celebrate their sixty years living and active legend.

A great stage, innovative lighting, cutting-edge video and visual design and a repertoire with which, for sure, they will add sound to an indelible date.

From Efe Eme we warm up with a list of songs, proposed by the writing team, that cannot be missing at a Stones concert. Some, for being totems of its catalogue; others, because they are always present in their live performances; also some that do not usually sound in them and this would be a good occasion for them to do so; even songs that recall Charlie Watts and could raise the perfect tribute from the tables, the pit and the stands. The stadium will feel the emptiness of his drumsticks and, although now there are only three Rolling Stones, the world will continue to see the eternal drummer sitting in the back, accompanying in the shadows.

They have participated in this selection:

Africa Egido, Álex Oró, Arancha Moreno, Carlos H. Vázquez, César Campoy, César Prieto Álvarez, David Pérez Marín, Eduardo Tébar, Fernando Ballesteros, Héctor Sánchez, Ignacio Reyo, Javier De Castro, Javier De Diego Romero, Javier Gilabert, Javier Márquez Sánchez, José Miguel Valle, Luis Lapuente, Marcos Gendre, Manel Celeiro, Miguel Tébar A., ​​Óscar García Blesa, Sara Morales, Sergio Almendros, Tito Lesende and Xavier Valiño.

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The songs that the Rolling Stones should play in Madrid