The singer Tiare wants to be the voice of those who cannot express themselves

Since she was a child, the Venezuelan singer Tiare dreamed of being part of the Latin Grammy. She wanted to be nominated so much that she manifested it on a paper napkin that she hung in her room. What she never imagined is that this would come true soon in her career.

At 17 years old, and four months after releasing her debut album with five songs, Tiare was nominated in the category of best new artist for the 23rd edition of the Latin Grammys. She is now looking forward to hearing her result at next week’s award ceremony, but for her, the mere fact of being nominated is already a reward for her years of effort dedicated to music.

“I won the day I was nominated,” said the Venezuelan-Peruvian artist, who began studying music as a child and began her professional career two years ago, at 15. “It drives me to continue working much harder and drives me to to be a better artist and to continue composing, to continue releasing music, to be the best version of myself”.

The Latin Grammys will be delivered on November 17 at the Michelob ULTRA arena in Las Vegas. Tiare shares a category with the Cuban Ángela Álvarez, the Argentine Sofía Campos, the Argentine jazz duo Cande y Paulo, the Brazilian Clarissa, the Mexican Silvana Estrada, the Franco-Spanish Pol Granch, the Colombian Nabález, the Colombian twin duo Vale, Mexican-American trio Yahritza y Su Esencia, and Peruvian Nicole Zignago.

He emigrated from Venezuela to Peru with his family at the age of nine. She returned to Venezuela for a brief visit at age 13 and had not returned to her home country until she was 17, when she learned of his Latin Grammy nomination, precisely in Caracas.

Tiare is proud to be Venezuelan, even though she lives in Lima, Peru, the country where her mother was born. “I am happy to be able to carry the name of Venezuela high,” the artist said in a recent video call interview from Lima, where she currently lives.

His album, called “Sixteen” includes five songs he wrote between the ages of 13 and 16, which he had saved in a notebook, without knowing that some time later they would be part of an album that accounts for his evolution as an artist. and in which each theme represents a year of his life. Among them appears the first one that she dared to compose and that made her realize that music was her destiny: “Ella”.

The album was recorded in Miami, and produced by Juan Carlos Pérez Soto, who has also worked with Ricardo Montaner, Luis Fonsi and Paulina Rubio, among other artists.

“This album is very transparent and very honest because I never thought they were going to be songs that I was going to record, that they were going to get to where they are today,” recalled the singer of “Evaluna”, “La Española” and “Líneas de tu hand”.

The album includes one of his most recent hits, “Cardenalito”, a mix of tango, flamenco and pop.

Tiare juggles fulfilling her school responsibilities and her passion for music. She has been dancing since she was three years old, doing musical theater since she was four and composing songs since she was 13. She has studied singing, flamenco, theater, piano and guitar.

The artist has about 2 million views on YouTube. She is in her last year of high school in Lima and next year she will move to Boston to study at one of the most prestigious music universities: Berklee College of Music.

Tiare still has dreams to fulfill, she would love to compose and sing with the Spaniard Pablo Alborán and with the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Kany García, in addition to touring the world with a concert tour.

And express what others cannot say through their music.

“My purpose as a singer-songwriter is to be the voice for people who cannot express what they feel and transmit what the world needs to hear,” said Tiare.

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The singer Tiare wants to be the voice of those who cannot express themselves