The singer of ‘Gangnam style’ (PSY) sweeps his new song with SUGA (from BTS): more than 35 million views in a single day

PSY, the South Korean rapper who jumped onto the global stage with the song ‘Gangnam style’, he’s back a decade later to launch his well-known song worldwide, and he has done so with a new album in which he has the collaboration of important K-Pop artists.

This new work, entitled ‘PSY 9th’, is made up of 12 songs, including the launch single ‘That that’, whose video has reached more than 38 million views in just one day. the theme is co-produced by SUGA, a member of the group BTSwho also composes and raps part of the piece.

The video clip is set in a Wild West setting and mixes electronica and Latin rhythms, mentions the relief due to the end of the restrictions imposed by the pandemic and It also has humor and massive dances that made PSY famous.

“It’s an album that I have prepared for a long timewith great affection”, PSY, who began producing this work three years ago, declared at a press conference. The 44-year-old artist, whose real name is Park Jae-sang, has indicated that it was SUGA who contacted with him to propose collaborating on a song that the BTS member – whose real name is Moon Yon-gi – was already working on.

PSY has said that he liked the song a lot and it helped him to continue working on the basis of his own style, because at that time he was thinking of discarding his well-known electronic facet. “(The collaboration with SUGA) gave me the opportunity to remind myself that used to be a funny and rude musician“, has manifested.

Furthermore, ‘PSY 9th’ also includes collaborations with south korean pop weight nameslike Sung Si-kyung, Heize, Crush, Tablo, and Hwasa from girl band Mamamoo.

The success of the hilarious ‘Gangnam style’ video in 2012 opened the door for K-Pop groups to use the Google-owned website to promote themselves around the world.

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The singer of ‘Gangnam style’ (PSY) sweeps his new song with SUGA (from BTS): more than 35 million views in a single day