The singer Nena calls to ignore hygiene measures in full concert in Berlin | DW | 07.26.2021

As reported in Germany by the television station ntv and the magazine Stern, the German singer Nena called on the spectators of her concert last Sunday in Berlin to ignore the hygiene regulations due to the covid-19 pandemic.

According to Twitter users, the artist told the audience to “regain your freedom” before performing her song. Just a dream, and called on them to leave the distance areas designated by the authorities and the organizers to approach the stage.

The organizers of the event reacted and immediately, but that did not stop the singer. “The question is not what we are allowed or not allowed. The important thing is what we let them do to us,” he said to applause from the audience.

Before the call of organizers and authorities, Nena continued like this, also in the middle of the event: “They are threatening me that they will suspend the concert if they do not return to their drawers. I leave it up to their own responsibility if they do so or not, as well as each one who must decide if you want to vaccinate or not. “

“Just like the Lateral thinker“wrote a Twitter user who attended the concert and captured the scene.

The singer was referring to the safe spaces, delimited by drawers to transport bottles and distributed according to the hygiene standards defined by the health authorities.

They suspend the Again

According to the ntv station, the Berlin authorities decided to suspend the concert, but only after the first Again.

It is not the first time that Nena has generated controversy for her opinions about the pandemic. The singer had expressed support for demonstrations of the so-called Lateral thinker, who disbelieve the official norms due to the pandemic and reject the application of vaccines against covid-19.

Spokesmen for the artist have said that she “does not take a position on either side, but rather expresses opinions and feelings, especially through her songs.”

EL (ntv, Stern)