The singer Jazmín Zárate is stabbed to death in Oaxaca

Jazmín Zárate Aquino left her family and Lunita, her daughter, to work as a singer. On his birthday, his body was found bloodied and stabbed on a dirt road in Oaxaca.

This Monday, the woman who would turn 28, was found in the La Barranca area, near the municipality of San Lorenzo Cacaotepec in the Oaxacan entity.

Her relatives identified her. They pointed out that when leaving her home in Cuilápam de Guerrero, Oaxaca, she reported that she would go to that community to give a presentation, since she was a regional music singer.

Around 10:00 a.m., a citizen called the emergency lines. He reported a woman lying on the side of the road, who had several stab wounds on her body. Among her injuries, she highlighted that one of them was made on her chest and her throat had been cut.

When the emergency services arrived, they noticed that the young woman no longer had vital signs.

Her loved ones identified her from a tattoo on her forearm. She said “Mi Luna”, which was performed to highlight her love for her daughter.

“I want to see you achieving all those dreams that make your eyes shine”, “I love you beautiful, free and crazy”, “My reason for being”, are some phrases that he dedicated to her on his social networks.

“I promise that I will give her the education she deserves and not the one I can pay her for, take her to school with dad and inspire her to fulfill all her dreams. I promise to leave you a huge legacy daughter ”, was another publication to the girl who is just over 5 years old.

His relatives, his partner, neighbors, friends and co-workers demanded justice for the crime.

“My beautiful little sister Jazmín Aquino, with all the pain in our hearts, today on your birthday we say goodbye to you, always remembering your beautiful smile, fly high and be free as you always wanted to be. Forever in our hearts”, published Jasmine’s sister, Engy Aquino.

This Tuesday he was given a Christian burial in the Municipal Pantheon.

Singer, entrepreneur, leader

Jazmín Zárate Aquino graduated from the “Miguel Cabrera” Artistic Education Center and her murder was lamented by musicians from the entity.

“The music community raises our strongest protest to clarify this horrendous crime of Jazmín Zárate Aquino who worked as a singer in a musical band and had gone to the town of San Lorenzo Cacaotepec, Etla (sic), Oax. to perform at a concert, where hours later his life was taken from him,” demanded the Oaxaca Musical organization.

The Gano Excel Mexico Leadership platform, to which she was attached and in which she received various awards for her conferences on entrepreneurship and values, and was recognized as a leader, described her as an exemplary woman.

“We regret the death of our leader Jazmín Zárate Aquino, a woman full of strength, daughter, mother and leader. We exalt your efforts and your greatness forever Ser y Estar. Our dear Jasmine, also a Gold leader and qualified for our international trip to Asia; a great reference in Oaxaca and Mexico”, they stated.

The Oaxaca Entrepreneurs Magazine said it was in mourning and demanded a stop to the femicides.

“It is unfortunate that more and more women are victims of the violence of this cruel society,” he considered.

Jazmín was the 172nd victim in the entity, of the crime of femicide.

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The singer Jazmín Zárate is stabbed to death in Oaxaca