The secrets behind the glamor of the band “Menudo”

The documentary “Menudo: forever young” will chronicle “the rise and fall of the most iconic Latin American boy band in history, taking viewers into the world of popular teen idols world tours, magazine covers, 80s attire and fangirls screaming”, as indicated the synopsis.

This Puerto Rican band was formed in 1977, thanks to the initiative of producer and manager Edgardo Díaz. The group was always made up of adolescents, who upon turning 16 were immediately replaced by younger ones; among them was -for example- the renowned singer Ricky Martin. Throughout its history, Menudo had a total of 30 members.

The Latin musical group had a rapid ascent, since it arrived at a time when the Latin community could not find representation or spaces for Latin talent on American television.

By breaking stereotypes and singing in Spanish, the band created a sense of pride and belonging, especially among Puerto Ricans in New York.

The popularity was such that the band filled Madison Square Garden on multiple occasions and sold 20 million records worldwide. However, not all that glittered was gold; or at least that is what “Menudo: Forever young” tries to reveal.

Throughout four episodes, the docuseries aims to expose the network of abuse and exploitation that existed behind the glitz and glamor of the Puerto Rican boy band.

Through interviews with more than a dozen former Menudo members; among them, Johnny Lozada, Ash Ruiz, Angelo García, Andy Blázquez and Ralphy Rodríguez, the production seeks to expose how the extravagant facade hid serious damage to the physical and mental integrity of its young members.

“There were a lot of good things that came out of Menudo, but there was a price to pay for that magic,” Rodriguez said. “I remember being in Brazil and finding myself in a room with some older men, asking myself if I liked sex anymore,” Ruiz said.

Both testimonies have been included in the trailer that has been released recently.

“Menudo: forever young” is directed by Puerto Rican producer and screenwriter Ángel Manuel Soto and New York journalist Kristofer Ríos.

Not without controversy and controversy, the four-episode documentary premiered this weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival, and will be available on HBO Max starting June 23.

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The secrets behind the glamor of the band “Menudo”