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It was time! Finally, the great European tour of Anvil will pass through our rooms. Initially scheduled for before the pandemic, it was postponed several times. So much so that it even gave the mythical Canadian band time to record another album. The plan was to present Legal at Last (2020)but after these years they have already launched their new Impact is Imminent (2022), so the presentation will be double.

These pioneers of heavy and the speed metal They are one of the hardest-working and at the same time undervalued bands on the scene, with a whopping 19 studio albums in their catalogue. Among them, the crucial metal on metal (1982), which was a great source of inspiration for the big bands of thrash in the 80s. Despite being one of my fetish groups, with such an extensive discography it is difficult to cover it all. In his modern age, we must highlight the barbarian Juggernaut of Justice (2011).

In 2008 his career was revolutionized with the documentary Anvil! The Story of Anvil, which showed the harsh reality of a band, which despite being considered classics of the style, had never been able to make a living from their music. From there, things began to go better for them to the point of doing marathon tours like this one. In Spain, we will have them in no less than six cities.

Finally, we will have two guest bands. The heavies Italians Genghis Khan have taken a new direction with their latest Possessed by the Moon (2022), flirting more with the power metal of groups like powerwolf. The glamor and the rock hard of the Parisians harsh It will be a good opener for these dates, to start with something softer and more festive. The date of Barcelona will be held in the room Vaultwith doors opening at 19:30.

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The Science of Noise Preview: ANVIL | Science of Noise – Rock Magazine