The SanSan overcomes “rare days” and relives the Benicasim venue

The SanSan festival has brought the Benicasim festival site back to life after the toughest times of the pandemic, with 20,000 attendees surrendered to the #ganas -the hashtag of this edition- with a national poster “without complexes” marked by Vetusta Morla, Xoel López and Amaral, and leaving behind “the rare days” to “start over.”

An edition that comes after almost two years of festival drought and with a paradoxical fine rain that more than tarnish the first of the three days, has been a kind of “epic” patina that has helped “when the headliners have come out Let’s sing like crazy. “

This was explained to EFE by one of the festival coordinators, Roberto Recuero, who could not hide the excitement of reuniting his entire team to gradually build the stages and all the infrastructure to shape this festival located in a site “almost sacred musically” that so many hundreds of thousands of spectators have seen happen throughout its history.

Recuero recalled that also, in the case of SanSan, the wait has been longer, since its 2019 edition was not suspended due to the coronavirus but due to the weather, a DANA that not only forced them to suspend but also caused serious damage to the Valencian territory.

There was therefore “more desire”, not only personal, but “at the industry level” because this time “has been very complicated, with much uncertainty and in a market with little labor protection in which the crisis has been felt much more “.

The pandemic, in the opinion of Recuero, “has gone well to make us visible because everyone has noticed it” especially, he pointed out, “in the Valencian Community, in Castellón and in Benicasim” where “you can speak with merchants, with hoteliers and the neighbors and they are the first to say “finally and we miss you”.

The formula for the vaccination passport and mask has also served for SanSan, after having been released a week ago in Valencia with the Love to Rock Experience, but now it has taken on the dimension of a macro-festival, bringing together thousands of people in the face of the “new normality “in an enclosure of 100,000 square meters with 50% of the capacity in which each person has five square meters to” guarantee safety “.

With some orderly entrances and a large free parking area in front of the entrance, the enclosure has been filling with the public with the sunset and a Xoel López in an absolute state of grace.

The man from A Coruña has given equal parts good vibes, dance, emotion and enthusiasm, with a magnificent band that underpins its quality and attests to a career with a journey as solid as the future that one guesses.

The lyrics of “No man, no place” seemed to have the explanation for all this confusion since, as he points out, “it could happen, lose everything, start over, and it wouldn’t be bad” and López has predicted that this is “the beginning of a new stage “.

The summary of the night could have been read in the happy face that Charlie Bautista made looking at the audience – accompanying Xoel López on the keyboards – although the perfect epilogue has arrived with Vetusta Morla, who began her concert by letting a glimpse of the first stanzas of “The rare days”, to end that same theme an hour and a half later after having done magic with an audience surrendered at his feet.

Pucho, singer of the Madrid band, has emphasized that “maybe what makes me great is having you in front of you again” at a festival renamed “sinsin” that is, “without chairs, without distances and without masks” .

And he stressed the importance of “celebrating in recent times in which we have better known our neighbors, our merchants and our family.” A few times, he said, after which they have been forced to recognize the technicians and all the people who work in the music industry that “they have had a terrible time”, so “this tour is dedicated to you.”

Amaral, after Vetusta Morla, has managed to retain the audience despite the fine rain that continued to fall in Benicasim, at the blow of “hit” and with the fireproof magnetism of Eva Amaral, before the party continues with Barry Brava and Cariño between others.

On Saturday and Sunday there will still be time to enjoy Love of Lesbian, Dorian, Ginebras, Cala Vento, Carlos Sadness, Delaporte, La MODA, Rayden, Leiva, Sen Senra or Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Cachimba.

And before this long-awaited edition ends, the first names for the 2022 edition, which will take place on April 14, 15 and 16, will be announced on stage. Rosabel Tavera placeholder image

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The SanSan overcomes “rare days” and relives the Benicasim venue