The sad story of “One” one of Metallica’s greatest hits

One of the biggest hits of Metallicawhich helped keep the mood and popular state of the band led by James Hetfield “afloat”.

The sad story of “One” one of Metallica’s greatest hits | Source: diffusion

Metallica is one of the most successful and recognized thrash metal bands worldwide. However, their path to stardom has not been easy, since the group originally from Los Angeles has come across artistic downturns throughout their music career. One of them, and one of the most notorious, was a catastrophic event that was about to completely dissolve the group. However, it also served to show what they were worth and return to the stage with more force, along with one of their greatest hits, “One”, which carries great emotional weight for the band.

Burton and Metallica

Metallica I was going through a very difficult crisis to overcome. They only had five years of training and the successes were harvesting little by little. But in 1986, the band was involved in a tragedy that destroyed them emotionally: The death of Cliff Burton.

The remembered bassist, who today is remembered as a metal legend, had a death that greatly impacted the band. With only 24 years of age, Burton died in a spectacular traffic accident while the group was on a tour of Denmark.

Said moment that ended Cliff’s life was a great trauma for Metallica from which it was difficult to recover. At one point they even thought of completely withdrawing from music and going their separate ways.

Despite this, they decided to evaluate the decision very carefully and after this strong collapse, they joined their ranks with a new bassist: Jason Newsted, who in one way or another had to earn the affection of the fans and the hurt band. .

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Metallica Regroups And Brings “One” On “…And Justice For All”

Little by little, the trauma of Burton’s loss was overcome, so in 1988 Metallica presented one of his greatest albums in his history “…And Justice For All”, loaded with a lot of meaning for them. It was the resurrection of the band from Los Angeles, who wanted to stay in the musical field, whatever it takes.

The album was a total success and was placed at number 9 among “The 25 Best Metal Albums” according to IGN. Within the aforementioned studio album, was one of the most remembered songs of the band “One”.

This new single was a triumphant return of Metallicabeing his first song that was recorded as a video clip and managed to occupy the 39th position in the list of MTV “100 Greatest Music Videos”.

“One” was inspired by “Johnny Got His Gun”, a novel James Hetfield read recommended by the band’s co-manager Cliff Burnstein. James, co-starring with Lars Ulrich, previously had an idea for a theme song about someone who is trapped in his body that slowly turned into the dramatic story that “One” tells. As if that were not enough, the band used the homonymous tape inspired by said novel, to be part of the video clip, which was filmed in black and white in 1973. To avoid paying royalties, the band bought the full right to the film and let aside unnecessary expenses. After that, the video quickly climbed the peak of success until it became the anthem that it is now.

Metallica and the meaning of One

The song tells the story of a war conflict, where a soldier from the First World War wakes up in a bed and in an unknown place. Gradually, the man realizes that he has lost his limbs and, worse yet, all five of his senses have been totally obliterated.

The man is totally incommunicado and feels imprisoned in his own body, his last refuge is his own mind, where the memories of the war constantly afflict and the episodes torment more and more. Given this, due to incessant desperation, the man prays to God to take his life, reaching a point where the war veteran looks for a way to communicate, so he finds the solution to his problem in Morse code. and pleads through this means that they should kill him.

The harrowing story managed to undermine not only James and Ulrich, but the thousands of MTV viewers, who in 1989 repeatedly demanded that it be repeated on the successful channel, being the absolute resurrection of Metallica.

It should be noted that the loss of Cliff Burton also had space on the solemn album, where they paid tribute to him with “To Live Is To Die”.

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The sad story of “One” one of Metallica’s greatest hits