The Royal Gag Orchestra will offer a free concert on Thursday 30 in Plaza de España

The Royal Gag Orchestra “takes to the streets and will offer a free concert this Thursday, December 30, in the Plaza de España in Zaragoza, starting at 1.30 pm.

The show that is presented in the Principal Theater will be offered to all passers-by in the center of Zaragoza, where the symphony orchestra and the protagonists will offer a free 20-minute performance.

Until January 2 you can enjoy the music of The Royal Gag Orchestra, a show to rediscover the world of classical music through humor and fun.

The gestural humor company Yllana and the production companies Sing Us and Showprime come together to offer 6 unique functions of an internationally projected comic concert-show that, always with the interaction with the public, seeks that the spectators leave their seats with a wide smile.

Music and comedy

The famous conductor Josef Von Ramik will lead the prestigious Royal Orchestra, to perform a repertoire of the great classics in the history of classical music. Concertino violinist Gaspar Krause will also be invited, and together they will turn the stage “into a battlefield, in a power struggle to see who stands out the most, which will cause crazy and unpredictable consequences.”

The Royal Gag Orchestra represents Yllana’s return to classical music. After his successful experiences in this field with Pagagnini, Maestrissimo and The Opera Locos with which he achieved the Max Award for the best musical 2019, Yllana offers this new comic-musical project designed for the whole family.

This orchestra represents six unique performances at the Principal Theater of Zaragoza during the Christmas festivities, scheduled for December 29 and 30 at 8:00 p.m. On December 31st it will be at 12.00; January 1 is scheduled at 8:00 p.m. and on January 2 at 7:00 p.m., have reported from the organization.

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The Royal Gag Orchestra will offer a free concert on Thursday 30 in Plaza de España