The rebirth of Lily Allen: away from addictions and with a new husband, she opens in the theater

At 36, Lily Allen has returned to the scene. Literally. The singer, who released her latest album, titled No Shame, in 2018, is now climbing the charts in London’s West End with the thriller 2:22 A Ghost Story, in which for the next ten weeks she will play Jenny, in her first foray into the theater. A professional debut that symbolizes the rebirth of the artist, after years fueling controversy. At 36, Allen once again positioned himself as an icon, serving as the image of luxury brands such as Fendi on social networks. And she does it, in addition, sober and away from a past full of addictions since adolescence, as shown in her Instagram profile, where she has gone from sharing snapshots at parties to images of morning walks, in sports clothes and family life.

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“I am riding a wave of constant excitement and terror,” the singer has assured BBC News, about its premiere on stage. Although it is a novelty for her, the world of acting is not alien to her, since Allen’s father, Keith Allen, is a television and film actor who has participated in productions such as The othersby Alejandro Amenábar. Just a few days ago, the artist shared four images with the new Fendi First bag on her Instagram account. Kim Jones collection for Fendi -whose price is around 2,000 euros-, in one of its new collaborations with luxury brands, among which is also Dior, which, according to the Daily Mail newspaper, paid the singer with a payment of “five figures”, for post producer on their profiles. Pioneer of the My Space platform —Your Instagram username is, in fact, Queen of My Space-, the British has more than one and a half million followers on the social network owned by Facebook.

At the end of July, the British singer celebrated two years away from the consumption of alcohol and drugs with a post on Instagram in which she assured that cleaning herself is “the best thing” she has done in her life. She herself had previously admitted her addictions. In 2019, in an interview in The Guardian on the occasion of the release of his memoirs, My Thoughts Exactly, assured being surprised that she was not “dead”, and even stated that she had paid for the services of prostitutes. “I chose sex over heroin. I didn’t realize it at the time, but addictions can manifest themselves in all ways. This helped me plug up other things like pain or fear. There are many structuring things that can come to you when you are up, ”he confessed then, blaming his desire to leave that previous life behind on upbringing. “Having children triggered responsibilities,” he said. Allen has two daughters in common with her first husband, Sam Cooper, Ethel Mary, and Marnie Rose, ages 11 and 8, after having two miscarriages.

The current image of Allen is far from that of that artist who in 2016 was photographed drinking from a bottle of whiskey at the Notthing Hill carnival – and carried on the shoulder of a friend completely – or embodied the third in discord in the marriage between Liam Gallagher of Oasis and Nicole Appleton of All Saints. Although in Allen’s language centered does not mean unnoticed. Proof of this was her unusual wedding with her second and still husband, actor David Harbor, known for his role as Jim Hooper in the Netflix series Stranger Things. The surprise link was held in September 2020, in the style of some American comedies, at Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas, Elvis impersonator included, with a Dior bride’s dress and a family celebration at a burger joint.

This has not been his first break either. In 2009, after the success of his second album It’s Not Me, It’s You, the singer announced a see you later, a break with the producer EMI included, which finally lasted three years, during which time she married for the first time, had her two daughters and opened a clothing store with her sister that closed years later . But then, even his return was also fraught with controversy with the publication of a topic, Hard Out Here, in which he criticized sexism in the music industry and statements. “Of course I’d rather look like Kate Moss than myself. I would rather not feel that way and I think the reason we feel that way is because of the imagery we constantly consume. Women are still expected, in a strange way, a kind of … sit there and look pretty and don’t talk, “she said a couple of months after posting a new job to the magazine. She.