The reason Prince hated the music industry

Prince He was one of the greatest and most important musicians of his generation, but although his success was undeniable and millions of people followed him, the truth is that did not have a good relationship with the fourth art industry. The link between the guitarist and the record companies arose when the Minnesota native was a mere teenager, at which time he signed a contract with Warner Bros. At first, everything was going smoothly, but over time the relationship mutated towards something not so friendly.

as he remembers Far Out Magazine, “in 1993, Prince’s tie to the label soured when he began appearing publicly with the word ‘slave’ written across his face. More than twenty years later, he invited a group of journalists to Paisley Park Studios in Minneapolis and repeated a similar phrase. ‘Record deals are like, I’m going to use the word, slavery. I would tell any young artist… not to sign’”.


The history of conflict between Prince and the record labels continued to grow over the years, resulting in the musical genius bouncing between labels for the last two decades of his prolific career before returning to Warner. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times in 1996, the artist whose full name was Prince Rogers Nelson claimed that his distaste for the field in which he was immersed was such that he wished he had chosen another career.

If I had known the things I know now before, I wouldn’t be in the music industry.“, he claimed. In addition, the singer-songwriter and producer also expressed his support for TLC, the female R&B group that filed for bankruptcy in 1995 to get out of a low-royalty agreement with his label. “TLC is a very talented group. Talent cannot be bottled up or contained. We have to wake up to it. Why should someone else be making $100 million when they’re making $75,000? That is going to continue like this, that is the sad truth, ”he declared.

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The reason Prince hated the music industry