The real reason Don Omar retired from the music industry

Don Omarthe King of reggaeton, was uncovered and in an interview with “The Chombo” spoke about various aspects of his personal and professional life, revealing various details, for example, the reason why he almost never gives interviews, stating that values ​​your time a lot and that’s why he became more selective in accepting interviews because he feels he has to talk to people he can learn from.

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After also revealing that he had to record his album The Last Don twice, after he lost his laptop with the original version, causing several topics did not even come to light, and after confessing that unfortunately he signed a bad contract that only allowed him to recover a dollar for each album soldand that he had signed a contract of 10 thousand dollars with that label for 18 years, Don Omar, spoke of the reason why he decided to retire from the music industry for a while.

The reason Don Omar left the industry

The singer explained that this happened because of the change that was taking place in the industry at that time because it stopped doing a physical product and began to be measured by streaming without being clear how the profits were going to be distributed in this method, so he considered at that time that the industry died for not selling anything physical, besides the rules were not clear, so he tried to talk to the record company to be told which it was going to be the equation to know what he was going to earn for each reproduction and nobody gave him an answer, the only thing they told him is that he had to wait three years for the contract to endso he decided not to produce any more songs and go home to spend time with his family.

“When this happens, I feel that one of two, either I am going to have to take this to the federal superior court or I don’t want to do it anymore and you literally know what I did, I didn’t want to do it anymore, they told me that I literally had to wait three years for the contract to end and I went home, to fish on Sundays to go camping with the family at the weekend”, replied Don Omar.

The artist revealed that at that time he bought a farm, became addicted to agriculture, set up an agricultural products company and set up an automotive products company.

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The real reason Don Omar retired from the music industry