The Police demands from the Navy anti-virus security plans for its massive concerts

VALENCIA. Some images recorded at concerts of The marine they have not liked anything to those responsible for security in the Valencia City Council and the Valencian government due to lax compliance with the safety distances and the use of the mask, among other things. So much so that the administrations are going to demand the Valencia Consortium 2007 -space manager- to draw up contingency and prevention plans for the coronavirus in the face of the next massive events of this type that take place in its premises.

It was one of the conclusions of the meeting that took place this Wednesday in the consistory between the mayor, Joan Ribó, and the Councilor for Citizen Protection, Aaron Cano, together with the acting deputy government delegate, Luis Felipe, and the regional secretary for Security of the Generalitat, Jose Maria Angel, among others. A meeting in which one of the measures that was agreed was to demand more preventive measures from the Navy to prevent situations such as those experienced from recurring, as personal sources explained to this newspaper.

Thus, in the next few days, those responsible for the Valencia Local Police and of the Autonomous Police They will meet with members of the organization in order to jointly design these contingency plans that must be fulfilled in the major events that take place at their facilities. These are, as explained by the same sources, measures that do not involve large outlays for the organizers and that will serve, if not to stop situations of lack of control, yes to dissuade that it reaches such an extreme.

For example, measures such as location of information panels at various points of the enclosure or the use of the public address to remind attendees of the need to comply with distance restrictions and the obligation to do so at the risk of the corresponding sanction, are some of the ideas that have been raised and that should be developed in the aforementioned meetings. In this sense, municipal sources explained, they want to directly link this contingency plan with the sanctioning regime of the administrations.

“Message and image must go hand in hand,” explains the Councilor for Citizen Security, Aaron Cano. And it is what is intended: that the message of the administrations that the virus is still there cannot be blurred by concrete but shocking images, something that we want to tackle with this type of tools that, in addition, will be applied in other events organized by public administrations, such as the Great July Fair promoted by the Valencia City Council next month.


Regarding this, the mayor indicated that all security measures are being studied because “the relaxation of institutional restrictions, the improvement of data and vaccinations should not make us forget that we continue in a pandemic situation all over the world. “And for that reason he urged to continue acting” with caution. “That is, to return little by little to normality but without losing his head:” That economic and social activities be developed again, but in an organized way, responsibly”.

Thus, he recalled that the consistory has already announced that “there are activities that will not be done.” The first mayor was referring, for example, to the celebration of the San Juans night, a day for which a special police device has been prepared in order to “avoid possible crowds that lead to a spike in infections.” However, there are other activities that will take place, such as the concerts in La Marina or the Great Fair, which are events with greater control and where the administration has, he said, “the ability to carry them out in an orderly manner.”

He also recalled that “in the same way, activities promoted by private initiatives they must also be aware of the prevention measures they must take “and it is precisely there where the strategy of contingency plans is embedded. And in the thread Cano insisted that it is necessary to “to try to return to normality but that it is in absolute security conditions and not only with the classic security criteria, but with the pandemic security criteria. “” Security is fundamental for economic recovery, social recovery and to return to the point where we were before the pandemic in social relations “, sentenced the mayor.