“The place where you saw so many sunsets pass”, “El Potrillo” dedicates a message to Vicente Fernández

Alejandro Fernandez I would have gone to the ranch “The Three Foals“to visit his father, Vicente Fernandez, whose remains rest in this place.

The singer of ranchera music, Alejandro Fernandez, he again visited the ranch of “Charro de Huentitán”, who left on December 12 at the age of 81 and to whom he dedicated emotional words.

Through a photograph in which the interpreter of “How who loses a star”, and other successes, Alejandro Fernandez, he shows his head down, remembering the place that was built by the same “idol of ranchera music”, as he expressed it through a message that he dedicates to the memory of his father:

How singular life seems. Come to the place where you saw so many sunsets go by and realize that nothing has really happened. The road, although long and sometimes turbulent, always brought us back home. Our house, started “El Potrillo” in the publication.

Alejandro Fernández visits Vicente Fernández at his ranch. Photo: Instagram Capture

In addition to other postcards that the “father of Alex and Camila Fernández“In addition to three other children, he added other messages in which he expressed that the family, together with every corner and space that the interpreter of” Volver, Volver “wandered, missed his presence.

Dogs howl and horses whinny. They keep hearing your voice in the wind. I miss you. Let the mariachi not stop playing, he concluded.

Alejandro Fernández Abarca is one of the three children that Vicente Fernández Gómez procreated with María del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor, the singer of “regional Mexican music” dismissed his father with some of the songs that made him famous.music producer“.

In addition to the great meaning that these letters have for him and his parents, with a broken voice, the “exposition of America Guinart“He said goodbye to his father at the tribute that will be held at the Los Tres Potrillos ranch on Monday, December 13, following the last will of the” businessman “himself.

In the midst of grief, the native of Guadalajara, Alejandro Fernández Abarca, 50 years old, has fulfilled the agreed presentations but with the present memory of the famous singer and actor of films such as “El Arracadas”, “El Albañil”, among many others productions.

It did not take long for Vicente Jr.’s brother, and Gerardo Fernández, to be showered with various messages of support from close friends, collaborators of the medium and many of his followers on Instagram.

It was the Mexican regional singer, Edén Muñoz, one of the first who dedicated a few words to the famous: “I hug him with affection, compa”.

Likewise, other messages were added from businessmen and even from the current partner of “Cayetana’s grandfather”, Karla Laveaga.

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“The place where you saw so many sunsets pass”, “El Potrillo” dedicates a message to Vicente Fernández