The photo commands: Do you also need a concert by Alejandro Sanz? – Dial string

They say that the song it is joy, and that concerts are life. For music lovers there is no tastier experience than living between stages and dressing rooms. At last, the time of concerts has returned, albeit little by little. Alejandro Sanz He is one of the most recognized artists on the music scene and his followers are waiting for the interpreter to join his colleagues and start announcing dates for his next tour.

At the moment there is nothing established, but the melancholy surpasses the screen. The one of Broken heart relives many of his live shows through his Instagram. Videos of past performances with themes that we all keep in our memory with a special affection.

And of course, when shake hands they take your arm. From so much remembering and sharing moments in magical concerts, now the consequences are beginning to be seen. This photo is the diagnosis you need to read today. The artist has shared it on his networks and it is very important that you find out what your symptoms are.

Don’t you see any numbers either? We understand you, neither lack of water or sleep, nor flu or headache. What happens to us is that we need a concert of Alejandro Sanz. It has been a long time and it is already being noticed. The photo indicates it!

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Why do we miss Alejandro Sanz’s concerts so much

We have now discovered the value of many things. They say you don’t know what you have until you lose it, and after the year and a half we’ve been in, we’ve experienced the meaning of this phrase. The truth is that we miss the concerts so much, but What is special about the composer’s?

The direct ones of the When nobody sees me they have a special magic, there is something in the atmosphere that differentiates it from the rest of the performances. His great journey allows him to have a great repertoire, having so many songs has a difficult task: to choose which one sings and which one has to be left out.

They say that songs are moments, moments that are songs. Music takes us where we feel, and a song is our favorite time machine. The special thing in the concerts of Alejandro it hides in the repertoire. His songs go jumping from one era to another, giving way to our imagination so that fly through the memories that each one of them suppose us.