The OSIC dedicates its second concert to William Shakespeare – Music – ABC Color

The second concert of the official 2022 cycle of the National Congress Symphony Orchestra (OSIC) will be held this Friday, April 29, at the “Ignacio A. Pane” Municipal Theater (Pdte. Franco e/ Chile y Alberdi), at 8:00 p.m. . Access will be free and open.

On this occasion the National Congress Symphony Orchestradirected by the teacher Diego Sanchez Haasewill present the outstanding Korean pianist David Lee as a soloist

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It will be a night where, in addition to the actors Laura Marin and Victor Sosa Traverzzi interspersed with readings of passages from works by William Shakespearein the first part of the concert.

The program thus includes works by Edward Green: “Music for Shakespeare” (Music for Shakespeare) and Frederic Chopin (1810-1849): Concerto for piano and orchestra n. 1, in E minor, Op. 11.

Regarding this concert, the OSIC explains that the first piece cited “is the most popular orchestral work by Dr. Green. In it, the musical spirit of the Elizabethan era, the era of Shakespeare, meets that of our time. The melody is in the foreground, and the style is sincere, dance-like, and full of warmth, charm, and humor.”

They explain that “the composer has said that, in writing this music, he was inspired by a central principle of aesthetic realism, which he learned from its founder, the great American poet and philosopher Eli Siegel: “All beauty is the creation of opposites, and the creation of opposites is what we seek in ourselves”.

Among the opposites to listen to in this orchestral suite “are depth and lightness; surprise and continuity and, as is remarkable in Shakespeare, vibrant energy and tender consideration.” The six movements are titled: “Love Music”, “Gigue”, “Air”, “Galliard”, “Pavane” and “Rigadoon”, and the last three are played without a pause between them.

In 2018, with the sponsorship of the Fulbright Foundation, Green undertook a brief residency in Asunción where he gave a series of lectures on many different aspects of music, from Stravinsky and Haydn to the Beatles and Duke Ellington. Also that year the OSIC performed his Symphony in C, winner of the first International Prize for Symphonic Composition.

About David Lee

He was born in the city of An Yang, from the Kyung Ki department, on November 11, 1987. He began his musical career with the piano at the age of 8 with teacher Mi Ae Cha.

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In April 1999, he immigrated to Paraguay and continued his studies with teacher Luis Miranda, then with teachers Edith Monte de Altamirano, Pierre Blanchard, Milva Estigarribia and Valentina Díaz Frenot, finishing his studies at the age of 19 and later making his debut as a soloist. the North University Orchestra.

He has performed as a soloist with the Symphony Orchestra of the National Congress, the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra of Paraguay, as well as orchestras from Russia and Korea.

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The OSIC dedicates its second concert to William Shakespeare – Music – ABC Color