The news of the next album by Dani Martín and his reflection on the music industry

Daniel Martin has offered on Instagram a complete update of the status of his new record project on which he has been working for a few months as we have already told you in Through his official profiles on social networks, the man from Madrid has wanted to be honest with his public and has given more news and details of how the recording process is going.

“I have half a new album recorded and it doesn’t look like duets, it sounds more like Daniel and Canto than ever, but I think it doesn’t sound current. The lyrics are super personal. I want to go on tour, but I don’t want to sing more than two days in a row” the interpreter begins by explaining, although he makes it clear that he is in a vital moment of a certain laziness: “I don’t feel like taking photos or releasing a new song”.

With his new musical adventure as a soloist underway and with his presentation tour How expensive time is even with shows to offer, The man from Madrid already has his sights set on what will be his next LP. However, we may have a surprise before the last moment: “I really want to do festivals this year, which I’ve never done (…). At the Festival Río Babel I do my entire concert and at the others too and, finally, I don’t know whether to do a Wizink or not to close the tour”.

What Dani Martín likes and what he doesn’t like

Dani Martín has offered in this publication an interesting reflection on the ‘obligations’ that are presumably in force in the music industry at the moment. An opinion not exempt from controversy but sincere and appreciated since artists do not always dare to speak so openly.

“You have to create content; you have to be attentive to the networks; you have to release singles all the time, otherwise people forget. You have to take new photos, you have to do many interviews to promote yourself, you have to do many duets on records. You have to have many followers, you have to carry out a marketing campaign, you have to show happiness, you have to be physically perfect, you have to always smile, you have to be on the cool side, you have to sound up-to-date. You have to show your day to day, you have to have a partner and show the world the happiness you share and, immediately afterwards, not talk again throughout dinner because you have to be on the phone. There is, there is, there is… oh, how exhausting” the artist begins by explaining.

It is the prelude to an ode to the freedom to do whatever we want with our lives: “I have gained 5 kilos eating chips and giving myself permission to enjoy this vacation time: I have gone up two trouser sizes. I have not I’ve been attentive to social networks. Sometimes I’m sad and I love to have a good belly cry and then feel like it wasn’t that big a deal. I love the last album of Fito and Fitipaldis, which sounds super rockabilly. I can’t stop listenin’Maieutics‘, from robe. has captivated me Sarah Sokas. Today I’m going to have pasta for dinner. I haven’t played sports for a month because I have a fibrillar rupture and nothing happens. I’m a bit lazy, really. I want to learn and listen to people who know things that I don’t know. I have had a wonderful experience with some friends these weeks ago, driving a van, because the second thing I like the most in life is driving a van.”

If someone wants to get to know Dani Martín’s most human profile closely, this post on his official Instagram account breaks down what the ex likes and doesn’t like. The crazy’s song: “I love fried eggs with potatoes. I also like sex, wine, lying on my sofa, playing football, moving, taking people from one place to another and helping them. I love arroz a banda, red wine, my parents, pissing in the fields, helping my friends. I love to work, I like to get up early and stay in bed for an hour. I’m getting pimples, my eyes are getting worse and worse. My body aches when I wake up, but I’m happier than ever. I love my friends so much. I love naps, I love to seduce. I don’t like being told what to wear to take pictures.”

Musical tastes, personal tastes, phobias, affiliations, and the maturity that makes its way into each word of the performer: “I love Resident. I really want to do festivals this year, which I’ve never done. I love the very long desktop. I hate taking photos, I love being asked for an autograph. I don’t like things that are fashionable. I love being 45 years old and seeing gray hair, some wrinkles, going to therapy. It pisses me off that when I walk through the door of a high school, they don’t yell at me like they used to. Hahahahaha, that’s the ego!! I hate the tunnel on the M30. I don’t like being nice after a nap, I don’t like Putin or debates with people who know about COVID, volcanoes, wars, strikes and storms. I don’t like Putin again, I don’t like bullies. I love margaritas, I laugh out loud. I think inside I’m still a little kid. coke mesh It excites me more and more. I don’t like Putin. I love my friend María Amaro more and more every day.”

Dani Martín has also reserved a small space to once again give importance to mental health in our daily lives: “The psychiatrist and my work have saved my life. I think that social networks are harming many people. I don’t like it to be famous. I like to make songs. Sometimes, I like to be famous. Putin is a bad person. I love tortilla chips, ali oli. I don’t like Will Smith since the other day. I love Rafa Nadal. go dressed in black. I love it Rosalia, it seems to me the most. I love Penelope Cruz. I really like Modric’s humility. I love Lemar. I like to go to soccer with my father, I love having French omelette for breakfast. I hardly know anyone on Spotify’s ‘News Friday’, and I love listening to get to know them and feel that I am no longer the 24-year-old Canto del Loco. PS: Putin put on videos of kittens and masturbate more, it will come in handy, or ask to be hugged. I don’t like people who speak ill of others. From Putin, yes.”

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The news of the next album by Dani Martín and his reflection on the music industry