The National Polyphonic Choir takes up free face-to-face concerts

The National Polyphonic Choir returns to the stage, after months of isolation in which he connected with the public through audiovisual pieces. The free concert the next will be held Wednesday, November 10 at 8 p.m. on the Argentina Room of the Kirchner Cultural Center.

Coinciding with the Tradition day, the choral group, with a reduced but numerous formation, will perform the works The Indianas by Carlos Guastavino and The Creole Mass scored by Ariel Ramirez.

National Polyphonic Choir Rehearsal. Photo National Directorate of Stable Organizations

The concert will be directed by the mtro Antonio Domeniguini and the stable pianist, mtro. Claudio Santoro, as soloist, in the piece by Guastavino and a quartet of invited musicians for the interpretation of the work by Ariel Ramirez.

Gonzalo Llanes Mena He is an Argentine tenor, graduated from the Manhattan School of Music. She has been a member of the National Polyphonic Choir since 2017. She was presented in Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Colon Theater and Kirchner Cultural Center, among others, starring in operas, zarzuelas, masses, oratorios, musicals and popular music festivals. His last album was recorded in New York City, with an academic and popular repertoire.

Tenor Gonzalo Llanes Mena
Tenor Gonzalo Llanes Mena Photo National Directorate of Stable Organisms

Gonzalo tells us what it was like to interpret music during the pandemic and expresses his feelings about this return to the stage and to sing again, for the public, in person.

Working during the pandemic was something new due to the fact of using technological tools to produce audiovisual content and being in contact with colleagues, director and the public remotely.
However, it was difficult to overcome the impossibility of making live music, the basic foundation of choral music, which is a social instrument applied to the service of the community, promoting the encounter of artists. We also miss being on stage and having face-to-face contact with the audience..
For this reason, the first note that was heard in the Rehearsal Room of the Choir, in the CCK, was exciting and it will be when the two works that we will interpret, of purely national creation, are heard, precisely on Tradition Day..
Feeling of absolute happiness to be able to be doing, again, live music with the National Polyphonic Choir, Argentine cultural heritage, rehearsing, performing in the cultural center of Argentines and producing culture, as for 53 years, for all the people of the Nation.

Carlos Guastavino
Indian women, six songs for four-part choir and piano
.Gala of the day (poetry by Arturo Vázquez)
.Who was like jasmine (poetry by León Benarós)
.Chañarcito, chañarcito (poetry by León Benarós)
.North wind (poetry by Isaac Aizenberg)
.To the court of your chest (poetry by León Benarós)
.One of two (poetry by Juan Ferreyra Basso)
Claudio Santoro (piano)

Carlos Guastavino
Beautiful earth
Claudio Santoro (piano only)

Ariel ramirez
Creole Mass (version for tenor, four-voice choir, charango, guitar, bass drum and double bass)
.Kyrie (vidala-baguala)
.Gloria (carnavalito-yaraví)
.I think (chacarera truncated)
.Holy (Cochabamba carnival)
.Lamb of God (Pampean style)
Soloists: Gonzalo Llanes Mena (tenor), Julián Goldman (charango), Matías Tozzola (guitar), Gabriel Said (percussion) and Pablo Motta (double bass)

Admission is free, only with prior reservation and can be managed at the Kirchner Cultural Center website in the publication corresponding to the concert, from Monday, November 8 at 12 noon. All people who attend must be previously registered (including minors, who in all cases must enter in the company of an adult). Tickets cannot be reserved on the spot.

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The National Polyphonic Choir takes up free face-to-face concerts