The music world faces more losses, group vocalist loses his life

Youth loses a beloved member of the group, it transpired that Ana Bejarano, he lost his life at age 60.

The singer from Youth, Ana Bejarano, lost her life this Sunday, January 2, as confirmed, the vocalist of the group could not overcome a terrible disease in the digestive system that had been hospitalized for several days, it transpired.

Once again, the entertainment world is going through a terrible loss, the original from “Guecho”, Spain, who was a member of groups such as “Txarango”, “Txarango Trío” (1996) and “Mocedades” (1985-1994, 2019-2022 ).

The artist has not overcome a serious problem in the digestive system for which she was admitted on December 11 at the Urduliz Hospital, as confirmed by TvNotas.

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Mocedades, loses group to Ana Bejarano at age 60. Photo: Instagram Capture

Turning the services to say goodbye to the “Spanish, “It was reported that they will be ready for Monday, January 10 at 7:00 p.m. in the Church of Santa Ana, in his hometown of Las Arenas de Getxo.

According to various media, the sensitive departure of the star occurred around 7 in the morning.

Through social networks, several users took the opportunity to say goodbye to the great singer that has left a great void in the hearts of the fans who for several years listened to his hits.

Ana Bejarano, joined the group in 1984, with just 24 years to replace the legendary Amaya Uranga, after she announced her voluntary retirement in October 1983.

The leader of the group, Javier Garay, the last named of the “historic six” in the formation thus remembered the now-fledged member.

Ana’s voice, ensured our continuity after Amaya’s departure, was essential for Mocedades, one of the most elegant Basque voices since the 80s, he mentioned, while emphasizing his versatility and good taste.

Since Bejarano joined the group, he recorded three albums during his first stage: “Colores” (1986) with the singer Donovan; “We will survive” (1987) and “Intimately” (1992).

Ana Bejarano, also an actress of films such as “Millenials”, left the group in 1993, to dedicate herself to other projects, later, in 2018, she rejoined the musical group at the request of Javier Garay.

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The music world faces more losses, group vocalist loses his life