June 9, 2021

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The municipal band

The municipal band

After a long time a concert by the Municipal Band has been programmed in the Bombo, which for a reason will be called Kiosco de la Música. Because in effect, the Municipal Band played there on Sunday mornings and evenings in spring and summer. Around him was concentrated a large number of public who enjoyed listening to the melodies that they interpreted and that could both belong to popular song, zarzuela or classical music. The band enjoyed prestige and had the affection of the people from Cáceres who familiarly called it “Los gorriatos”, a nickname given to Pedro, one of its last directors with whom in our childhood I celebrated several raids around the plazuela de Santiago, Caleros and the orchards on the riverbank, he didn’t like it at all.

There was also a time when the band performed in the squares of the neighborhoods for the comfort and enjoyment of the neighbors. Needless to say, it enlivened all the relevant events held by the city council such as the imposition of plaques in the streets, a tribute to a local character, and they could not miss to end a procession. Since its foundation in 1888, when it was directed by the Valencian Rosich, it has had prestigious directors such as Berzosa, a Segovian military man living in our city, where he also founded the elementary music conservatory. No less recognized was Francisco Cebrián who also founded the choir and I do not want to forget Curiel and the aforementioned Pedro.

A municipal band is more than just a musical group. It is a symbol of culture within the reach of the people and that reveals a style of governance of a city. It is possible that some do not consider it necessary in these times in which modern means of music reproduction proliferate and the ease of accessing them is great but it seems to me that the performance of a band before its audience adds an extra emotionality and makes life happy by overcoming the excessive noise produced by our cities at times.