The Mexican band El Gran Silencio celebrates its 30 years ‘making noise’

The Mexican fusion band El Gran Silencio celebrated its 30-year career “making noise” this Saturday with a great musical party that brought together some 40,000 people for its presentation at the Santa Lucía International Festival, which is held in the city of Monterrey, capital of the state of Nuevo León, northern Mexico.

The concert called “30 years making noise” was a tour of the most iconic songs of their discography and the high note was the presence of their audience that has supported them in their three decades of career, in addition, the surprise was given with the participation of former members of the band.

The presentation was held in the so-called Macroplaza, in Monterrey, where the thousands of attendees enjoyed the famous “Chúntaros Style”, a genre created by this group.

The concert began at 8:00 p.m. with the song “Columpio” that immediately turned on the attendees who filled the place.

The Cano brothers and Tony Hernández (vocals and guitar of the group), as well as Wiwa Flores (bass), original members of the band, offered the best of each one to shape a great celebration.

For the second theme of the night “Después de la muerte” came the participation of one of the former members of the band: Papo Hernández, along with whom Cano recalled his teenage years, at the end of the 80s, when they both dreamed of joining the band. band.

The presentation of the group born in Monterrey was “pure flavor”, a phrase that identifies the band, with songs like “My treasure”, “Clowns” and “Decadence”.

The atmosphere rose even more with the intervention of the singer Pato Machete, a former member of the band Control Machete, another of the great guests of the night, and with whom they performed “Contrarreloj”.

The band’s fans, many of whom have been with them since 1992, celebrated the musicians’ work and applauded each of their performances.

Then came the presentation of the two members of the original lineup Ezequiel Alvarado and Julián Villarreal with whom they recorded their first album and from those times they rescued the song “Rehilete”.

At that moment, the five musicians recorded the moment with a photo on stage that was widely applauded by their followers who appreciated the moment.

Cano and Tony, proud of the Hernández blood, introduced their sister Melissa, another of the guests of the evening.

El Gran Silencio put all the “feeling” into their presentation, which will be recorded in a documentary they are making for their three decades of experience.

The group was founded in 1992 and since its inception it has been recognized as a band that creates a style that fuses ska, rock, reggae, dancehall, rap and hip-hop with traditional Latin American music such as cumbia, vallenato and norteño.

The artists joked that they are already old and that after 50 years “everything is profit.”

Together with César Hernández, another of his former teammates sang “Leave me alone if I’m crying” that united the thousands of people present in a single and monumental voice.

However, the best was yet to come with “Super Riddim Internacional” that literally made everyone present dance.

“My people are 30 years of El Gran Silencio, so no one can stay without jumping, we want this to look cool,” Tony said.

The artists boasted the great attendance at the evening, this, they said, despite the fact that they are not played on the radio and do not upload anything to social networks. The cries of the concurrence did not wait.

The Great Silence also gave way to romantic themes in the concert and they also criticized politicians to the rhythm of “Corrupción Ska”, before which they projected images of Mexican President Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, who ruled the country from 1964 to 1970.

And of course there was no lack of his super hit “Sleep dreaming” that led the attendees to a frenetic and monumental dance.

The Santa Lucía International Festival, which hosted the presentation of El Gran Silencio, is held in Monterrey, Nuevo León from September 18 to November 6 and includes various artistic manifestations.

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The Mexican band El Gran Silencio celebrates its 30 years ‘making noise’