The live cry of Alejandro Fernández, before the death of Vicente

Alejandro Fernández dedicated his third concert from the National Auditorium, in Mexico City, to his father Vicente Fernández, who at that time, according to the official medical report, was in a “very critical state of health and with a very reserved prognosis.”

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During his third presentation, ‘The foal’ decided to change the set list which he had been using during his two previous performances and added several songs from his father’s repertoire to pay tribute to him.

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Among the songs that the son of the Charro de Huentitán sang, are the hits “The keys to my soul”, “For your damned love”, “Divine women”, “Beautiful honey”, “I’m going to get out of the way” , “Here between us”, “In what way do I forget you”, which made the Colossus of Reforma shudder.

During his second show, Alejandro had already expressed his feelings before thousands of people, when during his show he paused and was about to cry, asked the audience present a round of applause for his dad, and reported that his family was going through a very critical moment and expected a miracle.

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Images of Alejandro Fernández circulate on social networks, very moved by his father’s situation.

“As you already know in the family we are going through a very delicate moment and I learned that love and affection is the best medicine and I want that from here together we send a very strong applause to Don Vicente Fernández,” he expressed during his show.

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Following his request, thousands of people rose from their seats and clapped incessantly as they shouted. “Chente, Chente, Chente”.

“Thank you very much the truth is that, if we need it, these good vibes and thanks to all who have been upset, friends, family, fans, for giving a good vibes and wishing that my father gets better, we are also in that, we are In a very critical and very difficult moment, we hope a lot because we are very believers of the Guadalupana and of God and we hope for a great miracle and it can be done, all if we get together and make this great effort, a loud applause please … “he replied.

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After the fall that Chente suffered at his Los Tres Potrillos ranchHis health had improved a little, but it was on November 30 that he was re-admitted to intensive care. His health was critical in recent days, with inflammation in most of his lower respiratory tract.


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The live cry of Alejandro Fernández, before the death of Vicente