The latest from Spotify is a page to sell tickets to face-to-face concerts: this is how it works

When buying tickets for concerts, festivals or other live events, we usually use pages like Ticketmaster or StubHub, but soon we may have a new alternative. Spotify just released Spotify Tickets.

It is a new page that, as its name indicates, allows you to buy tickets for live concerts. In this way, the streaming giant offers another way to experience the music of artists with an in-person experience.

Spotify now sells concert tickets

When entering Spotify Tickets we find all the concerts available with their respective details. Clicking on any of them will invite us to buy or one more tickets. Of course, to continue we must have a Spotify account.

The next step will be to add new payment information. It does not matter if we already had a credit or debit card associated with our account for a current or previous subscription, we will have to enter the data again. what follows will be press on To buy and ready.

It should be noted that Spotify has not announced this feature on its official channels. According to, TechCrunch the company says in a statement that it is a test that seeks to improve the experience of its users, although it has not offered more details.

In our test we have only found concerts in the United States for artists like Limbeck, Tokimonsta, Crows and Annie DiRusso, so the experimental deployment could be limited to this country only.

However, let us remember that Spotify already offered an option to buy concert tickets through the section live events within desktop apps or mobile. Of course, the mechanics to buy tickets in this case is different.

Once we find the concert we want to attend (those that are close to our location are shown first), Spotify shows us the button Find tickets. When you touch or click on it, the application opens an external page from one of the company’s partners to initiate the purchase.

The app launches a new home feed

Spotify Podcasts 1

The streaming giant too is gradually rolling out a new home feed for your Android and iOS apps. This is an interface change that allows users to more easily access music or podcasts (and separately).

With the new design we find two tabs. One called “Music“, which contains songs, albums and playlists, and another called “podcasts and shows“, which will include podcasts, radio shows and recommended stations.

The company also continues betting on podcasts, although last month its founder, Daniel Ek, revealed that they hope to relaunch their audiobook proposal throughout this yeara move that could complicate the plans of Audible, Amazon’s alternative in this segment.

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The latest from Spotify is a page to sell tickets to face-to-face concerts: this is how it works