The impressive custom looks that Dua Lipa has premiered at her most anticipated concert

If you had any doubt Dua Lipa is definitely the queen of y2k style on and off stage, we have the example that corroborates it. The long-awaited start of the tour Future Nostalgia which took place this week at the FTX Arena in Miami, has been quite a show, not only because of his impeccable performance and the choreographies that have left all his fans speechless, but also because of the awesome wardrobe with which he has once again made history. A Show where music and fashion walked hand in hand thanks to the custom-made designs that we are going to discover for you.


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Thanks to your trusted stylist, Lorenzo Posocco, the artist has shown with her daring choices that fashion is for fun. And leaving aside the romantic aesthetic of the early 2000s, she has released a shocking neon yellow jumpsuit with matching lingerie appliqués with boots and long gloves for the opening of the concert, a proposal from the spring-summer 2022 collection Balenciaga. But like any star who seeks difference, the brand has customized it especially for her, thus creating a unique piece that will go down in history as one of the most groundbreaking looks to ever grace a stage. And, as expected, Dua continued to delight us with more unforgettable outfits throughout the night.


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designer’s creativity Thierry Mugler -who died just a few weeks ago in Paris-, has also slipped into the twenty-year-old’s suitcase with a model with which she literally shone. East Body suit black with beige details, transparencies and thousands of crystal appliqués, included in the bra and gloves, which has already traveled around the world, broke all established norms proving that the inspiration of the beginning of the millennium is more present than ever among experts in the field like her. The British added a pair of matching black ankle boots and in its entirety it has reminded us of the one she wore Britney Spears in the video clip of Toxicback in 2003.


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As a good girl from Generation Z, we are not surprised that even in this important event for her musical career, she has opted for emerging dressmakers, as is the case with Marine Serre. During one of the changes of looks, Lipa appeared sheathed in some fancy colored tights with logo of the French brand, a romantic red bra, short jacket -again with Y2K seal- and shorts high waisted knit, that is to say, a set that we would never have imagined seeing on a show of such magnitude but that she has dared to wear. And last but not least, she opted for a bodysuit jewel with asymmetric sleeve bathed in crystals swarovski which he completed with a belt as a tail, a very interesting and original detail that did not go unnoticed either. What will be the next installment with which the singer surprises us?


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The impressive custom looks that Dua Lipa has premiered at her most anticipated concert