The hopeful message of Alejandro Sanz on social networks

Alejandro Sanz has not stopped receiving messages of support since he announced just a few days ago that he is not going through a moment in his mental health. The singer set off the alarms by writing the words “sometimes I don’t even want to be” and those around him were very concerned, despite the fact that Sanz assured that he was already working “to be well”. This same week he showed a little more optimism and now he has reappeared on social networks with a most encouraging message..

The man from Madrid has shared a most artistic image in black and white with a stroke of light illuminating his face and his gaze, directed upwards as if seeking that illumination. “Light is never more beautiful than when it appears in the midst of darkness”, he wrote to accompany the photograph.


The artist’s reflection is most appropriate and he mentions the term light again as a key to recovery. “I had a strong outbreak this weekend and, although the light does not finish coming, it seems that a firefly has woken up in my chest […]. The sun is on its way ”, he expressed following the same idea this week.

Raquel Perera pronounces on the mental health of Alejandro Sanz

“I have tried to help him in everything I could. I think it is a temporary and passing moment. Alejandro is tired, which is a feeling that happens to all of us. He has been on tour for many months giving his all and I think it is normal that he suddenly feels tired and when you are on stage with much applause and much success. When you suddenly come to rest for four or five days, all that comes down to you, ”he expressed in Public mirror.

I am left with the message of a human being who, in a moment of vulnerability and fragility, wants to share his feelings in a very sincere and natural way.. Also, I think it’s also important for any human being to accept that they’re in a bad place that it’s important to be able to heal whatever you want to heal. It is impossible to deal with something that you do not know exists, ”she added.

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The hopeful message of Alejandro Sanz on social networks