The great gift of James Hetfield (Metallica) in the middle of one of his concerts: “It will save your throat”

There is no doubt that the members of Metallica they always have a special interest in helping other musicians. Over the years, there have been hundreds of stories about San Franciscans told by some of their co-workers. However, perhaps one of the most curious to date is the one he has told Frank Carter, from Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakesabout how James Hetfield, in the middle of a concert, he stopped to give her a great gift. (via loudwire)

“I was standing on the side of the stage watching it from his little guitar world – well, huge guitar world – and it was so fucking amazing. I’ve tried to play it down, but it was one of the best moments of my entire life. I love Metallica. I was there, watching him play, he came over to change his guitar and he gave me a high five and said: ‘Wait, I have something for you’Carter recalls.

“He goes and grabs a handful of things and drops some picks and some Vocalzone pills into my hand. It’s these little throat drops. He’s like, ‘They’re going to save your life and they’re going to save your throat.’ This is in the middle off his fucking set and he’s literally giving out candy.”

The Metallica leader then shared the story of how he took to consuming these sweets. “He tells me: ‘Do you know who hooked me on this?’ I’m sitting there thinking, ‘Man, a fucking rock ‘n’ roll legend. Then he says to me, ‘Fucking Tom Jones,'” recalls Carter. “He put on his guitar and went back on stage. I stood there thinking, ‘This is crazy.'”

That was not enough, Frank Carter’s guitarist, Dean Richardson, also added that, thanks to Hetfield’s picks, he is now “Almost 10 times better playing the guitar.” the ax waits “compose all the riffs on his next album with just that pick.”

“He’s a good guy”says Carter of Hetfield. “He’s the king of rock ‘n’ roll. That’s right.”

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The great gift of James Hetfield (Metallica) in the middle of one of his concerts: “It will save your throat”