June 10, 2021

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The great festival of tribute bands

1623320015 The great festival of tribute bands

After a summer as sad as the past, now what we all want is to recover the old habits of going out, enjoying the outdoors and having a good time. Lovers of good music have an appointment every Thursday starting at 8.15 pm at the Poble Espanyol with the celebration, adapted to the circumstances, of the Mahou Rock & Grill, the biggest tribute band festival. Depending on the needs of the venue, which prepares many surprises in the form of activities for these months, it will take place indistinctly in the picnic area or in the Plaza Major. Various specialties of the beer brand will be served at the bar while a food truck It will offer grilled meats and sausages. It should be noted that these areas will be separated since in the concert area (where people will be seated), for now, you cannot eat but they will adapt to the regulations of each moment. Enough of the preambles and let’s get ready to do a air guitar.

Hippie party and the Rollings

At today’s session you have to go disguised as a whole hippie, with the bell-bottoms, the extreme shirt, the waistcoat, the headband, the flowers and the long-haired wig (because most of the attendees already lack it), as well as the pendant of “Make love and not war! ” because they propose us a kind of little Woodstock with an unusual reunion of two of the best bands of the time represented by two groups from Barcelona that are also dressed like the originals. La Kozmic Band pays tribute to Janis Joplin with Cry baby O Move over that seems to be reincarnated in the singer Violant Guañabens. High voltage rock and blues with the energetic and visceral attitude of the 60s. The best complement is the performance of The Other Doors, who follow in the footsteps of the group Jim Morrison and, how could it be otherwise, they interpret Roadhouse blues, Light my fire, Break on through O The end. A complete review of the group’s most emblematic songs with a powerful live performance and maximum fidelity to the originals. Interestingly, both Morrison and Joplin are part of the infamous club of 27, artists who disappeared prematurely at that age.

Next Thursday, the 17th, is the only one with only one group performing, so it will start at 9 pm. It’s about the popular Smoking Stones, who have been imitating the Rollings for more than 25 years. Sergio Ortiz nails the voice of Mike Jagger and moves like him along with his fellow antics. In their repertoire they recreate their greatest hits such as Angie, Wild horses O Dead Flowers, as well as some oddity. The music journalist Jordi Tardà always defended that they were the best emulators of the bunchSo let’s take Stone’s word for it for a great concert.

Hard rock and more melodic

On July 1 we will get a little harder to listen to two groups that pay tribute, respectively, to AC/DC y Motorhead. The former will be represented by The Bon Scott Band, a show with two singers that will remind us of Bon Scott and Brian Johnson. José Castello (Tite), Jordi Vázquez and theirs try to recreate their aesthetics and their songs and offer a show spectacular spreading its vitality. They are also veterans with more than 20 years of careers who also interpret their own songs and released an album with versions of Spanish rockers with the collaboration of the original artists. The Motor hits They assure that theirs is not just any tribute, since they have been perfecting their show for several years so that it is as faithful as possible to Lemmy Kilmister’s group. They imitate the raw sound of this band both aesthetically and musically and they are true clones with Xavi Lleixà at the forefront playing the bass and doing the vocals to revive their leader. They are accompanied by a scenography that imitates the columns of amplifiers, an immense battery and they will make us feel that they are the real ones. His repertoire includes his best classics: hard-hitting themes such as Killed by death O Damage case, the fast-paced Overkill or the essentials Stay clean, Ace of spades, Bomber O Rock out.

U2 y Bryan Adams they will be the next honorees (July 8) on a somewhat more melodic Thursday. Bono and his family will be represented by Gavà’s group, Please I Love U2, an already veteran group that proposes a respectful and faithful tribute to the very interesting original. Its members They are characterized as U2, each responding to their respective role. Thus, the vocalist Miki Fargas is Bono managing to emulate his vocal register and his postures and usually wears the characteristic black leather jacket, hat cowboy and sunglasses. Their recitals are designed in a strategic way and, when they see that the attention is low, they have their tricks to overcome. The four songs they use to change course son Sunday bloody Sunday, Where the streets have no name, one of the public’s favorites, With or without you (another hit) and I still haven’t found what i’m looking for. And, yes, the Canadian musician also has someone to imitate him, The Adams Family. It is a trio formation with David Portero as singer and bassist, Dani Ortín on drums and backing vocals, and Josep Ayguadé on guitars and backing vocals. Reviewing his greatest hits as Summer of’69, Run to you, It’s only love, Can’t stop this thing we started and its indispensable classical ballads, Everything I do, Please forgive me, All for love Y they reserve surprises for the most fanatical What This time O Kids wanna rock, always respecting his style as much as possible.

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International and national heavy

We return to the most powerful rock on July 15, which will start to the beat of Metallica with the Seek’em All, group formed by Miquel Roura (rhythmic guitar and voice), Xavi Garriga (lead guitar), Edu Seoane (bass) and Marc Prim (drums), four musicians crazy about James Hetfield’s band. They offer a very powerful live show faithful to the image, sound and essence of the group with a repertoire that he deals, above all, with his first works, but he also reviews his most recent albums. Will sound Sad bad true, The struggle within, Seek & destroy, Creeping death and, if we behave well, they will even dedicate their most memorable ballad to us, Nothing else matters. For their part, Attitude For Destruction seek to redefine the concept of tribute and they do not want to be a clone of Guns N’Roses but to create a whole experience for fans of the group. They deliver a raw and straightforward performance based on the sound and attitude of this band during its golden age from 1986 to 1993, and their repertoire ranges from their greatest hits to songs only remembered by the most loyal fans.

But the national heavy also has its space and will demonstrate it on July 23rd starting with Blotting paper, a quintet with musicians of different styles and different formations from Tarragonés that pays tribute to Extremoduro. They sound like them but each musician brings their own personal touch. They review Decidi, Chaste love, Deltoya, Blotting paper O Jesus Christ, among other. They will be followed by the tribute to a mythical Navarrese group, Barricada, in charge of the Barrena. This formation was born in 2008, so they have extensive experience and try to convey the main qualities that they felt when they listened to them: strength, power and rock soul. Five powerful musicians who play Step on it, The electric chair, Black sheep, Warm animal, Pasaia Bay O In black and white. Surely tonight our lives will be filled with colors. But this is not The end, What would the Doors say since the party does not end here, because it will continue in the coming weeks with concerts inspired by Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Fito & Fitipaldis, Los Secretos, Kiss, ZZ Top, The Police, Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Bowie and Queen that we will review in a future article. Rock’n roll is King!


Mahou Rock & Grill

Where? Poble Espanyol (avenida Francesc Ferrer, 13) .i Guàrdia,

When? every Thursday, from 8.15 pm, until August 26.

Price: from 12 to 20 euros.

More information: Poble Espanyol.

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