The Government shields Muface for 3 more years: “It is a stable and proper bet”

Javier Murillo, Myriam Pallarés, Lidia Sánchez Milan, Francisco de Juan Ruiz and Francisco Ivorra.

This Wednesday the signing ceremony of the new concert health care of the General Mutual Fund for Civil Servants of the State (Muface) with insurers Asisa, Segurcaixa Adeslas and DKV, which will remain in force until 2024. With a budget of 3,571 million euros and a longer term than the previous ones (three years), it is a “bet on the stability of the model”, said the Secretary of State for Public Function, Lidia Sánchez Milan.

Only one representative from per insurer has attended the event due to security measures against Covid-19. So it has come Francisco de Juan Ruiz, General Director of Health of DKV Seguros in Spain; Javier Murillo, CEO of Segurcaixa Adeslas; Y Francisco Ivorra, president of Asisa. As well as Myriam Pallarés, Secretary General and Managing Director of Muface.

After the signing, the Secretary of State for Public Function addressed a few words to the attendees, in which he transferred his “recognition and gratitude for the effort and determination“to close the agreement, which aims at health and social health safety, something that is “absolute priority” of the Government and that has been most relevant during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Moment in which Muface and the insurers sign the new concert.

“We have worked from the same objective in the conformation of the concert that we signed today and I have found the absolute strength and professionalism of Muface and the insurers. I am grateful on behalf of the Government for that awareness and that commitment that the entities have had in the matter, “added Sánchez Milan.

Likewise, he pointed out that this new concert has “many strengths” and “a long way to go”. “But it does not lose its human seal and own identity stamp“.

News from the Muface concert

In addition to the budget, the validity and the 10 percent premium increase, It is new concert incorporates other novelties.

One is that the concert includes that covid benefits They must be assumed by the insurance companies that subscribe it, although they will be exempt from those related to epidemiological surveillance actions, and general health protection and promotion actions related to the prevention and approach of epidemics and catastrophes.

Specifically, each entity is responsible for the health care of each beneficiary when it is considered a suspected case of coronavirus, including carrying out Acute infection diagnostic tests (PDIA) and their follow-up.

In relation to the inclusion of tadvanced erapias (such as CART) and proton therapy, Muface will bear 60 percent of the total public funding price for each advanced therapy treatment, as well as € 24,000 for each proton therapy. The payment will be made within the two months following the end of each calendar quarter for the treatments that have been authorized and initiated and for which the Entity has sent in that quarter. at the bill correspondent.

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The Government shields Muface for 3 more years: “It is a stable and proper bet”