The fluid genre arrives at Noches del Botánico: LP sweeps Madrid with her mezzo-soprano voice

Laura Pergolizzi, known on stage as LPconquered the Madrid nightlife on a torrid summer Monday, with her powerful and melodious whistles that snailed through the air when her prodigious mezzo-soprano voice rested.

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The American singer-songwriter, who is not averse to female pronouns despite Define yourself as a ‘non-binary’ person or ‘gender fluid’ (fluid sexual genre), is above all a scenic animal, whose tiny body expands sinuous and marching to transform it into a monumental colossus, capable of collect all kinds of objects that the public are throwing at him and sign themwhile reeling off song after song, a brilliant and melodious repertoire in equal parts.

The singer during her performance in Madrid.

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At times he ukulele, at times the guitar, a while for the harmonica and all the time for good gestures and for a voice that comes from heaven to color the souls of an audience that does not believe so much compressed talent.

Even the plants seemed to expel more freshness than usual at the Botanical Nights before such a display of talent, and that the artist had already spent the previous year in these parts and the respectable already knew what to expect.

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He did not get rid of the white hat throughout the concert with that new star-in-the-making pose that has been building around to the ship that is tattooed on his chest “I’m not looking for the destination but the journey”, he has come to comment on some occasion in this regard.

Hence, this impressive career with hits as long as lost on you that closed the only encore of the concert, Golden, When We’re High either Tightrope.

But her prodigious talent as a composer is behind countless hits by other singers like Cher, Rihanna, Leona Lewis, Rita Ora, Christina Aguilera, Céline Dion or Morrisseyamong many others.

The guitarist who accompanies LP on tour.

The guitarist who accompanies LP on tour.

fer gonzalez

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Laura is a scenic animal who enjoys like few other artists the response of a dedicated audience from the first minute. He points to them and dedicates gestures of appreciation without stopping, aware of the relevance that it can mean that the one you admire personally dedicates a second of his attention to you.

And it is that this attitude does not seem forced, rather on the contrary, it has become a hallmark of the New York singer. And so, until the end of the show, with moments in which he even briefly loses the micro line for leaving his mark on the huge number of objects, with which the respectable floods the table installed in the center of the stage for this purpose.

On this 2023 tour, LP is accompanied by a new guitarist who seems purposely designed to act as the masculinized reflection of his iconic image. At various times, they look at each other, making imperceptible gestures of complicity. They wear the same boots, he in black, LP in white…

And when the concert ends, all the spotlights shine on the guitar solo that closes a memorable performance by an interpreter who could have been an opera singer but preferred the scoundrel universe of Rock. A genre that, if you live it with passion, makes you enter into communion with the public in a way that rarely reaches the highest and elitist tone of classical music.

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The fluid genre arrives at Noches del Botánico: LP sweeps Madrid with her mezzo-soprano voice