June 10, 2021

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The family and a godson of Tito Rojas fulfill his musical wishes and release a song in his honor

The family and a godson of Tito Rojas fulfill his

The memory of the joy of Tito Rojas (1955-2020) keeps his family standing, who will posthumously fulfill one of his wishes.

“My dad was a happy man, that’s something that has kept us on our feet. Within the sadness we are happy and confident that everything will be fine “, communicated his youngest daughter Jessica Rojas to THE SPOKESMAN.

Jessica convinced the singer Edgar Daniel Díaz to resume his artistic career, as Tito, his musical godfather and with whom he was going to record a song last January, wanted.

“Daddy always wanted Edgar to get back to his career and they were always fighting about it. I would say: ‘You are not persistent like me, you have to come out to me. He used to say to me: ‘If I’m absent, you have to make him resume his career because he has to be a rooster like me.’ I am fulfilling his will. We make the song (I don’t forget you) in honor of daddy ”, expressed Kisha Michelle’s sister.

Edgar Daniel Jessica Rojas video

The video was filmed in Humacao and will premiere on the occasion of Father’s Day. > Brandon Cruz González / EL VOCERO

I don’t forget you is an unpublished song by Edgar, produced and arranged by Carlos Cuto Soto.

“It is a song that I wrote for Tito Rojas. He has an I don’t forget you that he did for an album. It carries all my feelings and I think the feelings of the people, of what you see on the street that their songs are always there. People have not yet assimilated this tragedy, it is very painful. It’s a sentimental song that I owed him, ”Edgar told this newspaper.

The lyrics of this danceable salsa have the force of Rojas’ music. He will defend her on promotional tours in Miami and Colombia.

“The song is born from a wakefulness, from a dream. When you lose a loved one, it is normal for you to think at dawn about how it happened. Melodies and words began to come to me, and my feelings began to overflow ”, indicated who in 2007 recorded with El Gallo the duo Como me gusta ese mujer, for his first album entitled Controversial.

The weeks of work on this project have not been easy.

“We have cried, we have had courage, we have asked ourselves many things that are sometimes unfinished. But we are doing this with the heart. I went to the cemetery and brought it to him so he could hear it, to get his approval. I told him at one point: I need five notifications to tell me if this project is worth working on, and they have been fulfilled, ”said Jessica.

Due to the family relationship between the two singers, they decide to release the single on Father’s Day on the YouTube channels of Edgar Daniel and Tito Rojas.

For her part, Jessica added “we are going to take it out in honor of the parents. My dad was a great father, in the same way he was like a father to Edgar. This song is going to become an anthem because if your dad is missing you, what better way than to dedicate this song that with much love is titled I don’t forget you ”.

This month is full of emotions for his family because Rojas would have his birthday on June 14. On how they have handled his absence, his daughter expressed “I thank God, I know my dad is fine. But it is necessary, it is too recent to say that it does not hurt. This month has hit us harder because he turns 66 and you think he died young. More is coming Father’s Day, which is my first without my dad. It’s hard, my dad was a good man, “he said with a broken voice before adding” it’s an irreparable loss. “

The video was recorded yesterday at the residence of the deceased salsa singer in Palmas del Mar and at the Centro de Bellas Artes (CBA) in Humacao.

“The song says a lot about what we filmed, as the curtain has come down, his voice is no longer heard, but it will be heard forever because his songs do not die,” said the salsa singer.

For her daughter, the voice of Siempre seré did not leave any unfinished project, “what she lacked was to return to the stage (after the pandemic). In a way, I feel like it’s coming back because this song is going to touch many hearts ”.