The evolution of artists in the music industry: Why do they change their style?

Musical artists begin their careers by exploring sounds that can represent them to make their first steps in the industry. When they find them, they don’t always stay with them and they can make changes for a variety of reasons. From the little personal representation that they transmit to the adaptations to the new genres that are emerging and, in this way, not being left aside in music.

A multitude of artists experience changes in their career, although some do it in a more remarkable way that surprises both their followers and the rest of the people. The most recent case is found in Demi lovato, who has experienced different phases and styles throughout his career, but it seemed that they had a continuity. However, he has just started a new stage that is much more rock-oriented both musically and physically, showing a personality with which he wants to tell a much cruder and truer reality about the problem he suffered with drugs and his addictions.

“I realized that I really want to do this for myself and I want to make the best album possible, something that really represents who I am.”, said the artist in an interview in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. According to Demi Lovato, this is the best way to go because she’s finally clean and sober. In her case, it is a change of style that aims to show who she really is.

Change to evolve in the industry

However, not all artists change their musical style to show who they are, but to evolve within the industry. Bringing it to the national level, there are several singers whose genre is not the same as when they started, such as, Rosalia. Before becoming a full Motomami, the artist began her path with The Angelsan album that was pure flamingo. However, as he became more popular he began to experiment with different sounds, such as hip-hop, creating fusions between them. With this came, above all, the songs after The Bad Wantsince it became more international and collaborated with people of the stature of J Balvin, Ozuna or Billie Eilish.

Why this change? “I think she has made the evolution that she wants mixed with the evolution that the market asks for”, commented Iñaki De La Torrecollaborator of Window, Cadena SER program. It was a path that many of her followers did not like, but that Rosalía saw as necessary to continue growing as an artist and adapt to new times.

Another notable artist is C.Tangana. The beginnings of the singer were in the rap, under the name of Crema, where he became well known within said world. However, with the release of The Madrilenian changed completely by doing a more traditional sound moving away from his rapper style. He got collaborations with Gipsy Kings or La Húngara, among others, and mixed Spanish and urban music.

“I think that style does not have its own definition, when you look at a person, you know if they have it or not”said in an interview for EFE. C Tangana believes that musical genres evolve at the same time that the person does.

Change of style, but not musical

They do not necessarily have to change their musical styles, but many artists do it in their aesthetics. The clearest example is found in billie eilish. When was your album released? Happier Than Everthe singer completely changed the color of her hair. From brown to green to blond. A radical change that had a very clear reason: the anonymity.

Musical evolution is always present in all artists because they discover new sounds and techniques to make better songs. However, Billie Eilish’s radical change occurred because she couldn’t go anywhere with the green hair that she wore and she was well recognized by fans, press and even stalkers. Not everyone liked this modification and even she had to endure comments from her own followers asking for the return of “the old Billie”: “I’m still the same person” said the artist in Elle.

Not only change capillary, but also wardrobe. In the beginning of her, she did not want to be sexualized and therefore, she dressed in baggy clothes that did not show any “intimate part”. However, at the stage of Happier Than Ever began to go less covered, by own decision and He lost almost 100,000 followers.

Each artist has their own reasons for changing the direction and style of their musical career. Evolution is always necessary and demonstrates the versatility of each of the singers we listen to. They are not always the right modifications for their audience, but if they feel comfortable and more represented, it is the best they can do.

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The evolution of artists in the music industry: Why do they change their style?