The end of the year for Mike Bahía: he released the music video for ‘Navegando’

“I am like a sailboat and I can move forward with you because you are like the breeze, if I take your smile wherever I want I won’t need a visa, if it’s with you I want to be shipwrecked, floating, but not getting wet. It does me good if you are my captain, sailing feels like flying ”, are the first sentences he interprets Mike Bahía on the song ‘Navegando’, whose video clip was released on Thursday, December 30. It is worth mentioning that it was Manuel Lenis who was the director of the audiovisual piece of the song.

As for the location of the video clip, it took place in San Andrés. And, if we talk about views on YouTube, in the past few hours the video goes for the figure of one hundred thousand.

It should be remembered that, among his musical chores, the Caleño singer figured at the beginning of December the launch of a record work, which was baptized with the name of ‘Contento’. This album includes precisely among its list of songs’ Navegando ‘, in addition to others’ such as’ La Routine’ and ‘Ay amor’, the latter is a collaborative work with two urban Puerto Rican singers, specifically Guaynaa and Ñejo. Both songs were also released in conjunction with their respective video clips.

“We hit 100 million streams on Spotify with ‘Contento’ and as I promised, I’m going to deliver more videos! We continue with the video of Navegando that is already available on my channel, ”Bahía recently published on his social networks regarding his album.

It should not be left out that ‘Navigating’ was the word with which the artist titled his first album, heard since 2019.

This December Greeicy Rendón and Mike Bahía confirmed that they will be parents:

‘Att: Amor’ was the song that Greeicy Rendón and Mike Bahía released on Wednesday, December 23, 2021, of course, with their respective video clip. And, beyond the song as such, what really gave something to talk about among social networks and the media is precisely the music video, since the singer from Cali appears pregnant, in this way, the news was confirmed: the firstborn of the artists is on the way.

Although the pregnancy had been a constant rumor among social networks and the media, only in the middle of this month the news became an official confirmation of the live voice of the couple, in addition, Greeicy has already expanded the information regarding of some experiences that he has had in the past few maternal months.

On the other hand, the birth of their child is not the only thing that will occupy them in the future, since shortly before this happens they have on the scene the realization of a ‘Lovers Tour 2022: Att. Love’. March was the month selected in the calendar for the development of their respective musical presentations in Bogotá (March 4), Cali (March 5) and Medellín (March 18).


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The end of the year for Mike Bahía: he released the music video for ‘Navegando’