The drastic decision of Clara Chía after the devastating song by Shakira and Bizarrap

Shakira (45 years), Gerard Piqué (35) and Clara Chia (23). three are the names -with permission of the great producer bizarre (24) – that have marked the current news of the last hours. The Colombian artist has unloaded all her poison against her former partner for 12 years and his current partner in SHAKIRA || BZRP Music Sessions #53a hit which has already broken all records.

The theme has debuted this Friday, January 13, at number 1 on the Spotify global list with 14.393 million reproductions, breaking the record for the highest number of views for a Latin song in the history of the platform. With the data on the table, it remained to wait for the reaction of the two victims of the artist’s shooting.

Although it is expected that Piqué make a comment This Friday night on her Twitch show, Clara Chía, her partner, has made an unexpected decision. A discreet detail of which THE SPANISH could have realized.

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Shakira, in the BZRP Music Sessions #53 video.

Shakira, in the BZRP Music Sessions #53 video.

Clara Chia has decided to disable -supposed to be temporarily- your instagram account. When in June of last year it was revealed that pique was dating with a young woman in her twenties whose initials were CC, it was not difficult to find out among the followings of the former Barça soccer player -he only follows about 300 people- that the person to whom the press alluded, his new reason for love, was called Clara Chia Marti.

Thus, now the Catalan has chosen to leave the social network of instant photos, where, despite having a private account, I kept getting hundreds of thousands of requests of people to try to find out what was behind the lock on their profile. Discreet in her private life and also in the public sphere, Chía only followed her 175 people: close friends, relatives and some co-workers.

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Shakira breaks records

Shakira and the Argentine producer Bizarrap have broken records with their first song together, a song that in just over 24 hours it has achieved almost 64 million views on YouTubesurpassing Slowly (2017) by Luis Fonsi, which reached almost 25 million in just 12 hours.

With 63,736,321 views, the Colombian song has become the best Latin premiere in YouTube history in just one day. The first million of the BZRP Music Sessions #53 it was achieved in just eight minutes. Right now continues to be the #1 music trend on YouTubeand in this short period of time it has achieved 5.5 million likes and registers more than 325,000 comments.

In addition, this theme has had thousands of views on social networks. For example, on Shakira’s Twitter profile the song has been reproduced by almost 12 million users and on Bizarrap it has already reached 31.6 million. On the Colombian Instagram accountthe video for the song has received nearly eight million views. likesa figure very similar to that received by Bizarrap on the same social network.

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The drastic decision of Clara Chía after the devastating song by Shakira and Bizarrap