The coolest concerts in Los Angeles of 2023

This 2023, concerts in los angeles they will be crazy Yes, we know that regularly coachella It monopolizes most of the spotlight, however, the shows scheduled in the area look incredible and we can’t wait to start the upcoming concert.

Most of the most anticipated tours in the United States will arrive in the city, which is considered one of the best cities for live music in the country (sorry Nashville). So if you live around here or come for a walk, surely you will have a lot of options to have a good time.

What are the concerts in Los Angeles that you cannot miss in the coming months of this 2023? Next we tell you:

Depeche Mode – Kia Forum – March 28

Depeche Mode in Los Angeles 2023
Photo: Depeche Mode

The first tour of Depeche Mode without Andrew Fletcher it will also be, in a way, a tribute to the late keyboardist. This presentation, probably the most anticipated concert in Los Angeles of the first quarter of the year, will take place just a few days after the premiere of Memento Mori, so we Los Angeles will be among the first to hear the songs from the new album live.

Blink 182 – Banc of California Stadium – June 16

Blink 182 concerts in Los Angeles 2023

blink 182 with Tom DeLonge is one of those concerts in Los Angeles that seemed like a very distant reality just a few months ago. The Mark, Tom and Travis Show is backHow not to get excited?

Despite the fact that their comeback show will take place in San Diego, California, the truth is that the entire south of the state is closely linked to the group’s history and that is why we think that their Banc of California concert will be one of the most best of the tour

Paramore and Foals – Kia Forum – July 19

Paramore in Los Angeles 2023
Photo: Getty Images

How about this duo? The new album of paramore is well inspired by the music of Foals and that is why both bands will undertake a joint tour. We loved how it sounded This Is Why as the opening song in Bakersfield, but we are very intrigued by what the feeling of the album will be in a much larger space like the Kia Forum, the concert venue in Los Angeles with a capacity of about 16,500 people. We bet it will be a great party!

Arctic Monkeys – Kia Forum – September 30 and October 1

Arctic Monkeys in Los Angeles 2023
Photo: Arctic Monkeys

With Fontaines DC of special guests, Arctic Monkeys He will perform two concerts in the city to present his new album: The Carone of our favorites of 2022. The band has dropped two lines from the unbridled guitars for several years now, however, the new elegant air of the band with the accompaniment of strings and pianos seems very attractive to us.

The appointment is again at the Kia Forum and everything seems to indicate that it will be one of the concert venues in Los Angeles that we will visit the most this year.

The Postal Service and Death Cab For Cutie – Hollywood Bowl – October 13, 15 and 17

The Postal Service in Los Angeles 2023
Photo: Sub Pop Records

The most interesting tour of the year? The best on the list of concerts in Los Angeles? Probably. Ben Gibbard will perform with both of his bands at the same concert, a situation we only thought possible in our dreams. Postal Service They haven’t played live for several years now, so this is a unique opportunity to see this cult band that left us a very important album: give up.

The list of concerts in Los Angeles is enormous and will surely increase as the months of 2023 go by. What do you think of our selection? Which ones are you going to attend? Do you already have your tickets? Stay tuned in our daily news, since there we will inform about the shows that we will have in the city throughout the year.

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The coolest concerts in Los Angeles of 2023