The concerts return in October to the Mardi Gras and the Garufa Club of A Coruña

The concerts return little by little to the city of A Coruña. The Mardi Grass Room and the Graufa Club announced in the last hours that the music will play again in their premises on October 1 and September 30, respectively.

The Mardi Gras He has not yet made public the names of the artists who will play at his venue, but they “gave” two hours of music to his followers to make the wait more bearable. The songs from the Spotify list to which accessed through the QR posted on its social networks hides a secret, since the room ensures that its order is important and that it will soon give more details.

Precisely, Mardi Gras is I fired Angie at the beginning of September, the rocker who for years plastered the town with concert posters. The woman retired for family reasons and the managers of the premises wanted to pay tribute to her on social networks, which were filled with messages of affection towards the worker.

Garufa Club

The Garufa Club announced on Sunday the concerts scheduled from September 30. Those responsible for the establishment are committed to this “new journey” by the resident and regular gangs, “that have allowed us to get here.”

Hot Chocolates inaugurate the new season on Thursday, September 30, while on Friday, October 1 it will be the turn of hillbilly class and on Saturday 2 of Sandra Calderón and her Flamenco painting. Souls of Cántaro They will be at the Garufa Club on October 6 and 28; Álex Rodríguez Quartet will act on the 8th; Pardo, on the 9th; César Morán Threesome will be in the room on the 11th; and Michelle David & The True-Tones, the 13.

Garufa Club will host the concert of Pablo Bicho on July 14, Octopu’s Garden the 15 and Son al Son the 16. Muskrat Rumblers will be in the room on October 21, followed on October 22 by Olatz Salvador and on the 23rd for They are from Camaguey. The Mechanics the 29 and Garufa Blue Devils BigBand on Saturday the 30th they close the program for the month of October.

Live music returns little by little to the city. The Sala Inn hosted last Saturday the performance of Ginebras and Twilight joe It will be on the 18th in this Coruña venue. Access is free until full capacity is reached and the doors will open at 10 pm.

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