The concerted Rioja warns of a 6% cut in concerts

The Platform for the Freedom of Education in La Rioja has warned this Friday that the regional government has “cut” by 6 percent the item for educational concerts in the Budgets of 2022, which foresees an expenditure of 54 million, which is 3.4 million less than in the previous year.

This platform – made up of CONCAPA, Catholic Schools, CECE, FSIE and USO – has assured in a note that the budget for concerted education should amount to 58.6 million euros next year, according to the spending programs.

The president of La Rioja Catholic Schools, Ana Isabel Preciado, met this Friday with the Minister of Education of the regional government, Pedro Uruñuela, to whom she has delivered a proposal to modify the General Budget Bill of La Rioja for 2022.

In the document, the platform requests that the Government communicate its proposal to the Socialist Parliamentary Group so that it evaluates and defends it as a partial amendment to the Bill when its approval is processed in the Parliament of La Rioja. The Platform’s proposal demands the rectification of the amounts of the items called “educational concerts”, which appear among the spending programs of the Ministry of Education.

«In 2021, the total amount of these items was 57.4 million to pay for the units and staff in operation in the network of subsidized centers, as well as the remuneration and labor commitments agreed with their workers within the Sectorial Table of the Concerted Teaching », Preciado has detailed.

In the General Budget Bill of La Rioja for 2022, the amounts of these items have decreased to 54 million, which is almost 6% less.

“We consider that applying this tremendous cut, if it is not an error, is a manifest injustice that the Government is in time to correct. The network of subsidized centers does not deserve this treatment ”, stressed this representative of the platform.

Thus, he has reminded Uruñuela that there is a sectorial agreement in force regarding the remuneration of the teachers of the concerted centers that links them, by homologation, with the remuneration that the teachers of the Riojan public education will receive in the year 2022, which will be They plan to increase by 2% compared to those received in 2021. “For this reason, it would be necessary to provide these items, at least, with a 2% increase compared to what is set in 2021,” said Preciado.

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Otherwise, as denounced by this representative of the Platform, “the budget insufficiency puts the sector in suspense, since it can be argued legally both to eliminate units in operation and to limit teaching staff, such as those of educational support, or to fail to comply with the remuneration commitments and the working conditions agreed with the workers ”.

Finally, he trusted that the Government and the Socialist Parliamentary Group “will remedy this undesirable situation that the educational community and Riojan society will know how to merit and thank.”

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The concerted Rioja warns of a 6% cut in concerts