The Cardigans explain how complicated it is to bring an international band to Mexico

How many times have you wished that X or Y festival would bring your favorite artist? We, as mere mortals, do not know the whole process behind a global class artist stepping on a stage in national territory. But fortunately we have the cardigans who, recently, explained with apples and pears how a foreign presentation is consolidated in Mexico. Or at least one of them.

And it is that, although they have not released any new album since ‘Super Extra Gravity’ from 2005, Nina Person and company continue to enjoy a large fan base, who do not miss the opportunity to see them live whenever possible. In Mexico, the last time we enjoyed them was in Live latino 2020 but, what would we have to do for them to play in our country again?

Through social networks, in a somewhat sarcastic publication (today deleted); Magnus Sveningssonbassist of the cardigansexplained that “although they are flattered” for so many invitations they receive to play, “A simple request is not enough.”

“The offers come from your local concert agent. We don’t call “José” in Mexico and ask him to play at his festival. “Joseph” himself sends an email to our global agent Martin in London. So Martin emails our Swedish representative and, if the offer is reasonable, he contacts us to see if we’re available. If we are, the email chain returns to “Jose”. Then the deal is done and we start rehearsing and posting here on FB about the next show.”

He continued: “In the meantime, our tour manager is looking for a team for the occasion and will be doing it from Tasmania to Sweden. (Unless we play in Australia or anywhere close enough).
We get on a plane or a bus to take us to the show. We played some “Love me Love me” and then we traveled back home.”

Via social networks.

In the comments section, fans of The Cardigans continued to ask questions about how to bring them to their respective countries and, the response of Sveningssonwas that you have to ask the local organizers to contact them, in order to start the process described above.

On June 15, the Swedish group offered their first concert since Live latino 2020 at the festival Over Osloin Norway and, in addition, confirmed that they plan to return to Mexico in the middle of this yearso pay attention, that here we will be made to sing again “love me, love me”since we do send our mail ☺️!

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The Cardigans explain how complicated it is to bring an international band to Mexico