The Brazilian band Natiruts will arrive in Bogotá on May 24 in the middle of a world tour

One of the most iconic bands of Brazilian music, Natiruts, is in the middle of a world tour to present their new album “Good Vibration – Vol. 1”, in which Colombia will make part of your list of scenarios.

So fans of the pop/reggae music band will be able to see the group on May 24 at the Teatro Royal Center in Bogotá. Among his list of songs that he will perform that day will be those of his new musical composition that includes special participations with artists such as Pedro Capó, Ziggy Marley, Debi Nova, Macaco, Yalitza Aparicio and many other big names.

The tickets in Colombia for the concert of the band with musical successes such as “Sorri, Sou Rei and “Quero ser feliz também”, are posted on the EticketaBlanca ticket sales platform and are priced at $113,850.

Natirust has more than 20 years of career, seven studio albums to its credit and is made up of Alexandre Carlo (vocals and guitar) and Luís Mauricio (bass and choirs).

In the midst of his world tour pronouncements, Natiruts has recounted anecdotal details of his rise. They said that they were born as a university band and that over the years they have become, in their own right, “a benchmark for reggae and so-called ‘root music'”. Also, they have responded to the demands of their Spanish and Colombian audiences to release more music in the Spanish language: “We did two songs in Spanish on the I Love album. However, the fans of the band like the Brazilian accent. And reggae, because it is slower, like bossa nova, is easier for the Spanish public to understand,” said Natiruts.

The band, with more than a billion views on YouTube, has already said that, after hanging the ticket poster in several countries, the box office is already sold out. In the case of Colombia, they are still available.

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The Brazilian band Natiruts will arrive in Bogotá on May 24 in the middle of a world tour