The binomial between tourism and music, under debate in Valencia

Next Wednesday, December 15, the third edition of the TIIM Conference (Tourism & Music Industry) in the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia. After the first sessions held in Castelló de la Plana within the framework of the Fira Valenciana de la Música Trovam – Pro Weekend, specialists from the tourism sector and the music industry from various parts of the State and Europe will address how to promote cultural development, territorial and tourist area of ​​the Valencian Community. This year, the event has the motto “The musical tourism that is to come” and will serve to unite the efforts of the agents of the Valencian live music industry and tourism organizations from the public, private and third sector sectors. The activities will take place at the Santiago Grisolía Auditorium until Thursday, December 16.

Music Cities: potentialities and international experiences

The Musical Cities (“Music Cities”) will center a good part of the events of the TIIM Conference. Along these lines, the potential offered by the Valencian territory to promote these projects of cultural and economic revitalization with the presence of Marga landed, Deputy Director of Music and Popular Culture at the Valencian Institute of Culture; Antonio Bernabé, managing director of the Visit València Foundation; Mario Villar, of Tourism Valencian Community; y Joanvi Diez, President of Promfest, the Association of Festival Promoters of the Valencian Community.

In addition, the experiences of Aarhus (Denmark) and Hamburg (Germany) will be presented to identify the elements that contribute to the success of these initiatives. Jesper Mardahl, head of Music City Aarhus 2022, and Johannes Everke, Marketing Director of Hamburg Marketing, will be in Valencia to share their knowledge. For its part, Daniel Broncano He will explain the details of the Music Festival in Segura (Jaén), the Cuenca Religious Music Week and the Álava Ancient Music Week.

Likewise, the program includes a round table starring state and international companies that excel in carrying out musical and tourist events. On this occasion, attendees will be able to listen to the contributions of Ivone Lesan, booker of the Primavera Sound festival (Barcelona); Diego Calvo, co-founder and CEO of Concept Hotel Group (Ibiza); Nick Colgan, founder of The Garden (Croatia); Y Derek Barbolla, founder and CEO of the French developer Cercle.

The Conference will also serve to talk about techniques for the commercialization of cultural tourism with Sergio Bellentani, of Tourism Valencian Community; Luisa Andreu, Professor of Marketing and Market Research at the University of Valencia; Y Alvaro Martinez, director of the Mallorca Live Festival. The new global promotion model that online broadcasting supposes will be the subject they will deal with Celia carrillo, directora de Live Now; Luis Martinez, founder and CEO of Staxe; Rafa Fergom, CEO of Events and Roll; Daniela Goldman, CEO at Mutishan Interactive; Y Pepe Murgades, production manager en Signne Creative House.

Workshops on music tourism

During the TIIM Conference there will also be two workshops on practical aspects applicable to music tourism. On the one hand, attendees will be able to hear what are the strategic and marketing keys for an event to become a tourist attraction. This activity will be carried out by Rafa Fergom, head of marketing for the Nits de Vivers cycle and the Love to Rock Festival. In addition, a session will be held on the Mediterranew Music and Mediterranew Fest brands of Turisme Comunitat Valenciana. In that case, the speaker will be Daniel Arnal, responsible for Mediterranew Musix.

Finally, in the 2021 edition, an online platform has been enabled to facilitate contacts between tourism and music agents. It is a practical system of meetings one-to-one This will allow professionals in the tourism and music sector to be contacted (suppliers, promoters, project promoters, etc.) through meetings that may be held until 23 December. To register and consult the platform, it is necessary to follow the following link:

The TIIM Conference is an initiative of the Association of Musical Promoters of the Valencian Community (MusicaProCV) in collaboration with Turisme Comunitat Valenciana. They have the support of Visit València, the Institut Valencià de Cultura, FOTUR, the Fira Valenciana de la Música Trovam – Pro Weekend, the association of festivals Promfest and the Valencian Federation of the Music Industry (FEVIM). Professional registrations can be formalized through the following form:

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The binomial between tourism and music, under debate in Valencia