The best views, the best time, the best concerts: here is one of the best plans of the summer

Virtue is in the mix. Especially when listening to music and enjoying free time in summer. Festivals are fine, but they tend to take place in crowded and awkward places. Concert halls are a classic, but in summer – and in times still pandemic – the outdoors is more desirable. That is why in 2021 a project like Live The Roof, a series of exclusive concerts on rooftops and rooftops that this year has the sponsorship of Royal Bliss, the collection of mixers which has elevated the mix to the category of art.


This year’s schedule is more ambitious than ever. Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Córdoba, Seville, Cartagena, Alicante, San Sebastián, Cádiz and Valencia are the cities in which, throughout the summer, artists such as Marwan, Bely Basarte, La Cuarto Roja, will parade through the most beautiful and photogenic rooftops. Tulsa, Veintiuno, David Otero or Mutant Children. And they will do it acoustically at the most special moment of the day, at dusk, when work gives way to leisure and the heat of the day sends an invitation to something so simple – and so difficult to perfect – like enjoying a drink in the air. free with friends and good music.

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The project was born as an extension of the common thread of the collection of nine mixers that make up the Royal Bliss range, a brand that came to market to break the monotony of traditional soft drinks. A philosophy was born, mixología, which now takes on a new dimension by incorporating live music and social life into the equation. From the brand they call it Mix the limits. The entrances They are already for sale on the project website, where you can check the dates, cities and confirmed artists.

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