The best Tiny Desk in Spanish

Tiny Desk is one of America’s great public radio giveaways in recent years. It all started very simply. Bob Boilen, host of All Songs Considered, attended a Laura Gibson concert at a bar during South by Southwest, but since they couldn’t hear anything over the noise from the bar, they jokingly told him he should play at the office of NPR in Washington DC to which Gibson agreed and thus a series of concerts was born that would become one of the most famous on YouTube.

Tiny Desk concerts have featured the biggest stars of the day. From Harry Styles and Adele, to Coldplay and Lizzo. However, they have not left out Latin and Spanish music, which for years has been increasingly listened to in the United States and the world.

Tiny Desk has had two lives, one before the pandemic and one after. Despite the fact that it was already very big in pre-pandemic times and concerts like Natalia Lafourcade’s can demonstrate it, when the confinement left us all looking for new content on the Internet, Tiny Desk decided to do things differently and the musicians continued to perform for NPR but with a different format, from home.

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Something that no one expected was that as the pandemic evolved, the Tiny Desks would too. During the strongest part of 2020, the small Buscabulla concert in the back of a van bears witness to the social distance that existed between everyone, but without a doubt, something that revolutionized the Tiny Desk format, the post-pandemic live concerts and the entertainment since then is the now legendary presentation of C. Tangana.

On April 20, 2021, the world was waiting to come out. The vaccines spread among a part of the population but not everyone had access to them and the concerts at home continued, although a little more relaxed. This is how C. Tangana decided to present some songs by El Madrileño, accompanied by other artists, producers and friends. The flamenco party made us long to see each other without leaving the house, gave us a glimpse of the Spanish lifestyle and made us want to sing at a table with all our friends. The work of little pout it transformed his career and his subsequent shows and today he is considered one of the most important Tiny Desks in all of history.

Yes, there is a before and after with the presentation of Tangana, but do not detract from the rest of the musicians on this list who have known how to use their voice to captivate millions of people.

C. Tangana

Natalia Lafourcade

Cafe Tacvba

Jorge Drexler

Nicki Nicole




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The best Tiny Desk in Spanish