The Beatles: The unpublished photos of the band in 1961, which were recently shared

A couple of months ago, unpublished photographs of the band were published the Beatles, playing at ‘The Cavern’ club. The images are from 1961.

The unpublished images of the British group, in its musical beginnings. | Font: Tracks Ltd | Photographer: Mark Lewisohn

These unpublished images of the British band, the Beatles, have been around the world since they came to light. The photographs of the artists were taken in 1961, when they were rehearsing at the club ‘The Cavern’ and a year before their launch as a group.

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Unpublished photos of the band The Beatles?

It is known that the club ‘The Cavern’ was the main stage, where the members of the band the BeatlesThey got their start as musicians. It should be noted that this bar is located exactly in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

Undoubtedly the beginnings of Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrisonfirst members of the band the Beatles; they were the bases so that years later rock was consolidated.

In this mythical bar where the band rehearsed the Beatles, was the main stage that the artists used, for the beginning of their musical career. For this reason, some unpublished images of their first presentations of the British before officially debuting in music were recently released.

Other details of these photographs

These pictures of the band the Beatles, were taken approximately in July 1961, a year before the group released its first song: “Love Me Do”. Also, in the images you can see John Lennon and Paul McCartney at the microphone, while George Harrison was on the guitar.

It should be noted that these photos of The Beatleswere shared by collectible item distributor Tracks Ltd., as a way to commemorate the 60th anniversary since the song “Love Me Do” was released.

On the other hand, the medium ‘The Guardian’ also shared the photographs taken by Mark Lewisohn, author and historian of the band the Beatles.

“Inside Liverpool’s cramped, musty Cavern Club, these rare photos capture the Beatles playing to a midday or late-night crowd in July 1961. Fresh from Hamburg, 500 hours of concert time in 90 days, the Beatles they are malnourished young people of 20 (John), 19 (Paul and Pete) and 18 (George)”Lewinsohn explained.

Although the historian of the band, also added the following: “This marathon made them so thin that their heads and bodies seem weirder. An aspect that is accentuated by the unusual clothing: leather pants and cotton tops. Days later, Brian Epstein saw the Beatles at The Cavern, offered to manage him, and set them on a course that changed our world.”

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The Beatles: The unpublished photos of the band in 1961, which were recently shared